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Math Algebra

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Math Algebra

Math Algebra

I want you to write a research paper on ALGEBRA for my teacher. Her name is Nguyen, Thanh-Thuy, and please in the end of it try to say something good about her. Like you were very helpfull and you`re kind.... etc. Thanks Best Regards
NAME TUTOR COURCE DATE ALGEBRA This is a branch of pure mathematics that is concerned with the study of rules relations and operations. This basically deals with the concepts arising from these operations and relations, they include: polynomials (it`s an expression formed from one or more variables and has a single constant), equations, terms and algebraic structures (Cohn, 11) There are different types of algebra, namely: Abstract algebra, elementary algebra, algebraic geometry, linear algebra, algebraic number theory, algebraic combinations and universal algebra. Abstract algebra: Instead of the use of numbers systems, it deals with deal with structures linked to abstract algebra for example the use of rings, vectors, fields, group actions, linear algebra and groups (Steege & Bailey, 24). It can further be divided into Sets: this is a collection of all elements which are specific for the said set (familiar number types). They can also be said to be, matrices, polynomials e.g. ax2 + bx + c, vectors sets, cyclic groups etc. Inverse elements: this where one uses a negative number to bring about the theory of an inverse eleme...

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Math Algebra Math Algebra
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Reviews: 5

A masterpiece of assignment by , written on 2020-03-12

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