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[Solved] Marketing unhealthy foods to children

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[Solved] Marketing unhealthy foods to children

Marketing unhealthy foods to children

I need an an annotated bibliography first. You gave me one but I think you gave me one that one written for someone else also.
Marketing unhealthy foods to children Name Lecturer Date Annotated bibliography Hunt D. & Scott V. (1986). A general theory of marketing ethics, Journal of Macro marketing 6(5):1-6. In this article, the authors provide a theoretical analysis of food marketing ethics. Instead of developing normative food marketing ethics, Vitell and Hunt offer descriptive account of the process of making decisions in food marketing and the relevant ethical content to children. Although the article is not particularly focused on the food industry, it provides a philosophical severity analysis of food marketing ethics that can be used in the food industry. The authors assert in their article that the practices of food marketing raise political and ethical questions that relate to individual freedom, veracity of marketing claims and individual and corporate responsibility, as well as the role of the government. These concerns are elevated in the context of unhealthy food marketing to children. The article explains that food marketing involves many disciplines cutting across nutrition, public health, marketing, law and sociology. Rousseau, S. (2012). Food Media: Celebrity Chefs and the Politics of Everyday Interference. London, UK: Berg This book addressed elements of marketing unhealthy foods to children. From the perspective of obesity epidemic, the author examines the growing influence of celebrity chefs in the children`s daily consumption practices. Rousseau asserts that the marketing strategies mislead children on their choice of fast foods. The authors go ahead to argue that the existing threat of obesity transforms celebrity chefs to political and social guides from entertainers on how to prepare, think about,...

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[Solved] Marketing unhealthy foods to children [Solved] Marketing unhealthy foods to children
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