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Students will use data from TripAdvisor.com to conduct an analysis of hotels, with the aim of making marketing recommendations. The data will include written text for qualitative analysis as well as simple numerical data for quantitative analysis. Advice on how to conduct this analysis, and prepare the report, will be contained within lectures.


This data is to be analysed and collated into a final report of 2,000 words. Visual representations such as graphs and figures are encouraged and excluded from the word count as are the title and contents pages. However, the use of tables which are largely text based will be included in the word count as well as your appendices and references. The report is to be submitted by 12:00 on Wednesday of Week 12 (Wednesday 14 December 2016).


This assignment will make use of both qualitative and quantitative secondary research skills and asks for both analysis and presentation of available data.



1     Select any hotel in New York City, USA.  This hotel (hypothetically!) is your ‘client’, for whom you are going to write a report. Your report will include the following elements: my chosen hotels are 1: client hotel ( The Roosevelt Hotel)  2: Competitor Hotel ( Grand Hyaat)

  1. Executive summary 100 words
  2. A summary of the full report, highlighting the key points (max 100 words)
  1. Contents list
  2. This can be listed directly under your Executive Summary
  1. The Hotel’s Context 100 words
    1. Please detail the location of your hotel, the number of other hotels in similar star class in the local area, and any other information you think is relevant. (Be brief, this is not the focus of the report – max 100 words)


  1. d.    Research objectives, method and sample      300 words
    1.                                           i.    Please indicate the objective(s) of your report
    2.                                         ii.    Please indicate the methods that you will use to collect data, and why these methods are appropriate
    3.                                        iii.    Please describe the sampling technique that you used to collect the quantitative and qualitative data (see below)


  1. e.    Quantitative Section                      500 words
    1.                                           i.    Review, summarise and present the statistics for your hotel
    2.                                         ii.    Choose 100 customer reports, where customers have given ratings for value, rooms, location, etc. Check that your hotel has 100 reports, taking care to note how you sampled them (see d.iii. above). Therefore, choose a hotel with enough ratings to give you a sample with good statistical significance
    3.                                        iii.    Record the demographic information of your respondents (e.g. age, location, type of trip, etc.), by entering it into SPSS or Excel
    4.                                        iv.    Create summary statistics for each rating category (e.g. rooms)
    5.                                         v.    Present the statistics in whatever form you feel appropriate (charts, tables, etc.) with written commentary explaining the statistics in more detail. Please also provide notes on the basis of your information (e.g. XX reviews on Hotel YY between the dates of Z and Z)
    6.                                        vi.    Look out for “polarisation” i.e. look at the mean and standard deviation of your results, and comment on them. What story do the figures tell about your hotel? 
    7.                                       vii.    A template for quantitative analysis will be available on BlackBoard
    8.                                     viii.    Remember to point out in commentary any significant differences amongst the different segmentations (by age, family etc) as you won’t want to/be able to show all your raw data in the report


  1. Qualitative Section             500 words
    1.                                           i.    Analyse a selection of written reviews for your client hotel
    2.                                         ii.    Choose 25 customer reviews, where customers have given detailed feedback and comments regarding value, rooms, location, etc. Check that your hotel has 25 reports, taking care to note how you sampled them, see diii above
    3.                                        iii.    Develop a Coding Frame from the 25 reviews.  
    4.                                        iv.    Based on your Coding Frame, present your qualitative findings. What does the hotel do best? What could the hotel improve upon? Are there differences in attitudes/experiences according to customer demographics?
    5.                                         v.    Use your qualitative analysis to support your quantitative analysis. For example, if the hotel does something well, can you find a quote from a customer that indicates why this is? If the hotel does something badly, what do customers say about this aspect of the hotel in their review? Please indicate where you are more confident, and less secure, about the information from your qualitative analysis.
    6.                                        vi.    What story do the reviews tell?  You do not need to present all of it.  Select what you feel is important/affects the customer experience – look for themes.  However, be aware of how consistent vs merely indicative your findings are, and indicate where you are less secure about the information. 
    7.                                       vii.    Use verbatim comments and quantitative data to illustrate your key findings.
    8.                                     viii.    Your qualitative findings will do two things for you.  Firstly, they should help you to understand why people gave the ratings they did. For example, what was it about the service that some people didn`t like? Secondly, they may give you some new and helpful information about what the hotel is doing right and wrong that you perhaps can`t find in your quantitative analysis.
    9.                                        ix.    A template for Qualitative analysis will be available on BlackBoard


*You have the option of presenting your quantitative and qualitative findings together – with the qualitative offering further in-depth diagnosis of the quantitative ratings. Or you can address them separately. How you present sections e and f is entirely up to you.


  1. Carry out the same exercises (e and f) for one ‘competitor’ hotel in the same city      300 words

– the choice should be realistic i.e. the same class (star rating) and/or similar room price.

  1.                                           i.    How does this hotel compare with ‘your’ hotel – what do they do better, what do they do worse?


*You have the option to include the findings of the competitor hotel in the same quantitative and qualitative sections of the client or as a separate section. As above, how you present sections e, f, and g is entirely up to you but they all must be present.


  1. Write a set of recommendations  200 words
  2. to your client hotel on how they might be able to improve their customer experience in comparison to the competitor hotel
    1.                                           i.    Where`s your evidence for the conclusions you draw?  And if you have a good idea, but it`s your own, or it’s only supported at a low level by the data (either qualitative or quantitative), by all means include it, but just make the point about level of evidence 


  1. j.      Appendices
    1.                                           i.    Links to the review pages of your two hotels
    2.                                         ii.    Raw quantitative figures and analysis
    3.                                        iii.    Coding frame and analysis notes 

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