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Marketing And Morality

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Marketing And Morality

Marketing And Morality

You are asked to complete a Research Paper for this course. Choose a business ethics topic related to your profession or this course. A Research Paper is an opportunity for you to practice and improve your research and writing skills. Plus, it allows you to review the details that others have observed and researched in the industry. Review sources with specific questions in mind (i.e., Does this article support my topic? How does this article apply to my topic? How am I going to use the details of this article in my paper?). The Research Paper must meet the following requirements:  Be at least ten pages (not including the title page and references page);  include a topic associated with your profession or this course;  include at least 10 peer-reviewed articles as sources; and  use APA Style. Format your Research Paper using APA Style. Use your own words, and include citations and references as needed to avoid plagiarism. Prepare your assignment in a word-processing application and submit it in Unit VIII as one of the following file formats: DOC, DOCX, or PDF.
Marketing And Morality Name: Institution: Date: MARKETING AND MORALITY Introduction Marketing is the root of most businesses` development and success. It is the art of selling and promoting goods or services. The marketing skills require creative mind and individuals or companies that are willing to invest their money in that, so that they may advance in both popularity of their products and sales. In most cases, marketing makes the consumers attitude towards a certain product change. Moreover, the marketers do so because they want their products to have to obtain an edge over the alternative products (Crane & Desmond, 2002). This means that if the marketing skills are convincing to the consumer, they will obtain popularity leading to their demand in the market. Thus, morality in marketing is one of the most crucial tools or methods that would lead to a successful business. The reputable marketers are aware that they are responsible for the products or services they sell. Marketers should be able to be brave in acknowledging their activities and products that they are selling. Morality in marketing would mean calculating on the goodness of the product and putting the consumers in the first priority in confidence that they are safe with the goods or services. The marketers are also responsible for both the effects as well as the side effects of their actions. In addition, they should always be ready to own any decision that they have made in marketing (Lowe, Carr, Thomas & Watkins-Mathys, 2005). There are various ethics used in marketing to ensure that it is proceeding towards the right track. Morality of marketing Caring for the well-being of the customers is considered as one of the most ethical practice in marketing. The recent markets are full of doubts together with the persistent mentality regarding the goodness or the value of a product. Many people all over the world tend to lose the confidence they once had in a certain organization or business....

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Marketing And Morality Marketing And Morality
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