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RE: Argumentive Essay with a research component. Hello,I need a paper written up in regards to an "Argumentive Essay, with a research component. It must include a "work citation page at the end, be in MLA form, written up to at least 4 pages. and I need it, right away in one day if possible,I listed 24 hours if you can`t do it in one day.I will also list the assignment instruction sheet, the topic i chose which is on marijuana, and i also have internet website research papers about this topic which can be used and sited correctly on my paper. . I truly thank you for all of your help. Sincerely, I Am unable to download all of the research materials that i have associated with this assignment, I can type in all the instructions to do the assignment. But is there any way i can attached these documents to an email and email them to you? I have research on Marijuana and I also have examples of an argument paper, MLA style. I need the first page typed as such Trapano 1 Gina Trapano Professor Castelo College Writing 2 Essay 5 Draft 2 May 9th, 2011 Title of essay Here are the instructions, an Argumentative Essay with a research component.In the Argumentative Essay, you will choose a debatable issue about which you have some knowledge-either through personal experience or reading. In an essay of 4-6pages, you will take a stand on the issue and defend your position to a general audience of intelligent but skeptical readers. the key elements of an argumentative essay are: a clear and arguable position. at the heart of every argument is a claim with which people may reasonably disagree. to be arguable, a position must reflect one of at least two points of view, making reasoned argument necessary. The claim must be plausible, reasonable, supportable, and worthy of being taken seriously. Background information: The background information puts the thesis in context. Good reasons: BY itself, a position does not make an argument; the argument comes when a writer offers reasons to back the position up. • Convincing support for each reason. In the form of facts, statistics, examples, etc. • Appeals to readers` values. Effective arguers try to appeal to readers` values and emotions. • A trustworthy tone. Readers need to trust the writer. Writers can earn their trust by demonstrating that they know what they are talking about. • Careful consideration of other positions. No matter how reasonable and careful we are in arguing our positions, others may disagree or offer counterarguments or hold other positions. We need to consider those other views and to acknowledge them, and, if possible, refute them in our written arguments. Steps to write the draft: 1. Find a topic by thinking of issues that interest you. The topic must be focused but not too narrow. Avoid unarguable (subjective) claims, such as matters of taste or opinion, matters of fact, and claims based on belief or faith. Also avoid "hot topics" such as abortion, capital punishment, gun control, immigration, gay marriage, etc. These are important and interesting topics, but so much has been written about them that it is hard to come up with fresh ideas. To be safe, check your topic with me before writing the draft. 2. Begin by exploring what you know about the issue, reading and doing research. Consider whether the issue can be argued, and whether it is worth discussing. 3. Draft a thesis and qualify it. Is your claim true in some cases? In all cases? Is it true for everyone? Under certain circumstances? 4. Develop good reasons to support your thesis. Support the reasons with facts, statistics, testimony of authorities or experts, anecdotal evidence, scenarios, case studies and observation, textual evidence. 5. Use 2-3 sources to support your claim and cite them in MLA style (including a Works Cited page). 6. Identify and acknowledge other positions; if possible, refute them. 7. Include a conclusion that summarizes the main points. In your conclusion, you may also refer to the introduction, perhaps call for action (you are, after all, trying to modify the opinion or behavior of your readers). 8. Include a title. Tips: • Read the four sample argument papers attached (by Lund, Sanghvi, Hammond, and Jacobs). • Outline the draft (see pages 203-204). • In your opening sentences, give readers some background information about the issue you have chosen to debate, as you do this, establish your own credibility by showing that you are knowledgeable and fair-minded. • At the end of your first paragraph, state your thesis—your own stand on the debatable issue. (If you have a fair amount of background information, you may delay the thesis until the second paragraph.) • As much as possible, build common ground with readers who may disagree with your position on the issue; at the very least, don`t needlessly alienate them by striking the wrong tone. The paper should be 4-6 pages long and double-spaced. I am only asking for 4 pages if it exceeds let me know. also I have the example of the argument paper-I am unable to scan this to you Is there any way I can email these materials to you. I don`t have an upload feature.
MARIJUANA Name: Grade Course: Tutor`s Name: (11 May 2011) Marijuana Introduction Cannabis sativa, commonly called marijuana, is the most widely used illegal substance in the world. Marijuana consists of flowers and leaves subtending from the stalks of its female plants. Marijuana contains over 400 different compounds; the major compound in marijuana is tetrahydrocannabinol (Bello, & Willis, 2007). Other chemical compounds found in Cannabis are cannabidiol also known as CBD, cannabinol and tetrahydrocannabivarin. Marijuana is used in various ways ranging from recreational purposes to medicinal and spiritual purposes. The drug is illegal in various parts of the world. The United Nations estimations show that over 160 million people use marijuana annually. The UN also estimates that over 20 millions use the drug on daily basis. In 2005, the US Supreme Court ruled that marijuana could be used for medicinal purposes. The ruling awakened debates from various stakeholders with views on marijuana use. Scientists, legislatures and activists had their own opinions on how to control the drugs benefits and at the same time reduce its potential for abuse. A scientist at the University of Aberdeen`s Institute of medical services, Mr. Roger Pertwee noted that the most active chemical in cannabis sativa is delta-9-teterahydrocannabinal (THC). He explained that THC binds itself to a number of specific receptors in the human mind. His research showed that human beings...

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