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managing a successful business project

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managing a successful business project

Topic: managing a successful business project

Project aim based on the impact of corporate social responsibility on the marketing department within John Lewis to promote profitability and financial sustainability.

Introduction/overview of the project

John Lewis is a departmental store in the United Kingdom that has been in operation since 1864 and through the slogan never knowingly undersold they have been on top of their business for this long. The accessibility of the brand in wales and England is quite high with over forty six stores opened. There are a number of iconic contributions that the brand, John Lewis has made to the British culture, one of them being the john Lewis Christmas advert which was launched back in 2007 and has since become the culture in Britain every year (responsibility, 2012).

Corporate social responsibility is often abbreviated as CSR and it basically means the organization taking good care of its environment, social and wellbeing (Wallop, 2014). The effects in CSR go beyond the regulated framework to promote and protect the environment the organization operates in. In this project therefor the aim is to analyze the impact of this social responsibility especially on the marketing department within John Lewis in promoting its profitability and financial sustainability.

Corporate social responsibility has been embraced by major organizations throughout the world through creating a culture of giving back that balances profit making and ethical conduct (responsibility, 2012). John Lewis has been a major leader in the UK especially in brand positioning and in the quest to maintain financial sustainability and profitability the marketing department will need to give back to the society or rather take care of the operating environment’s efforts range from donating money to the society programs or engaging on environment friendly policies.

Project aim

  1. One of the main aim of the project is to define the influence of corporate social responsibility on the marketing department within John Lewis and the overall organization. The marketing of the brand John Lewis will definitely have an impact in the society  in terms of the brand positioning once the corporate social responsibility is taken up. There are many benefits to a business outfit when engaging in corporate social responsibility for John Lewis that the project will seek to determine if the advantages in the marketing department has been realized (Herald, 2016). These potential benefits of CSR  include the following: better mark acknowledgment, positive business notoriety, increased deals and client devotion, operational costs funds, better monetary execution, greater capacity to draw in ability and hold staff, organizational development, easier access to capital.
  2. The second aim of the project is to define the impact of the corporate social responsibility on the environment. How the business affects its suppliers and its customers. In the corporate social responsibility the business will be more concerned with the environment it operates on rather than the profit they receive. Addressing social issues such as hunger and poverty in the environment is one of the CSR objectives (Stone, 2013). Stakeholders such as customers and employees is also another front on the CSR that John Lewis will focus on as well as ethical standards.

SMART objectives.

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managing a successful business project managing a successful business project
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