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[Solved] “Love is my love” poem

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[Solved] “Love is my love” poem

“Love is my love” poem

hi writer this is my professor instruction,please read before you do it. We`ve discussed what we think "poetry" might be, but now let`s discuss what MAKES poetry "good" or "bad." 1. Please conduct a Google search, library search, or a search of your favorite poems to find ONE poem that you think is an example of GOOD POETRY. How do I get started? Some ideas: search a theme or concept that interests you, search a favorite author, or search "famous poems." You can search ANYTHING + the word "poem" in the search bar. The sky is the limit! 2. Once you have identified the poem, please COPY and PASTE the poem (along with the author) into this Discussion Board thread. *Please entitle the thread with the POEM TITLE and POEM AUTHOR. 3. Next, in 250 words, please ARGUE WHY you believe the poem you posted is an example of "good" POETRY. - Consider the diction, imagery, tone, use of figurative language (metaphor, simile, synecdoche, and metonymy), symbolism, and irony, which are all terms we covered in the Fiction Unit.) - Consider the WAY the poem is STRUCTURED, and consider how you think the poem creates a MESSAGE or discussion on a THEME
Name: Instructor: Course: Date: GOOD POETRY “Love is my love” poem Good poetry is usually determined by the usage of various strategies by the poets in writing the poem. The poem titled “love is my love” by Abdul Wahab communicates on the issues of love (Wahab, 4). The theme, which is love and the side effects, is evident throughout the poem. The word love has been numerously repeated in the title to emphasize on its intense in the heart of the poet. The poet has used different poetic elements as well as bringing out the message in an intensive manner. Diction in this poem is plainly illustrated, as the words are rhythmic and carefully arranged to suit the theme. For instance, the poet talks about loving his l...

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[Solved] “Love is my love” poem [Solved] “Love is my love” poem
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