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Literature: Fiction, Poetry, Drama

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Literature: Fiction, Poetry, Drama

Literature: Fiction, Poetry, Drama

Name of book we use is literature an Introduction to Fiction, Poetry, Drama, and Writing 11th edition This is gonna be use for the first poem Parameters: The research project is your major writing project for the semester. The parameters for each component of the assignment are outlined below. All aspects of the project must follow the parameters for out of class writing, which are provided in the syllabus. Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to learn how to successfully manage a literature research project, research a focused subject or question, collect both primary and secondary sources related to that subject, integrate outside sources in an essay that maintains an argument logically, and to cite outside sources properly using MLA format. Research Question: Your essay should be an analysis, not a biographical study of a poet or a summary of a literary work. Read five or six poems by a single poet. Start with a poet featured in the book, and then find additional poems at the library or on the Internet. Write an analysis of a single element of that poets work for example, theme, imagery, diction, or form. Your paper will be 1500 words long. You will use proper MLA format and follow the Rules for Out of Class Writing (see above). You will locate: A minimum of four (4) scholarly journal articles that you locate, read, and quote from in your paper. These articles can be found through searching journal databases like JSTOR, available through the library tab in Blackboard. A minimum of two (2) critical literary analysis book sources that you locate through the San Jacinto Library. You will quote directly from the poems to support your analysis. After you discuss the different facets of the play, you will provide your thoughts as to whether the play can or should be read as a feminist play or if it should be read another way. Your paper will be written in third person and will not include language like I, my, me, and so forth. Your paper will contain a works cited page in proper MLA format. Your paper will have continued pagination that includes the works cited page. You will engage in an online library project during which you will select an article from a literary journal database. You will upload a draft of your paper to the Smartthinking link to receive feedback on your writing. Please save the receipt or the feedback to upload with your final draft. Finally, you will correct your mistakes based on your Smartthinking feedback and upload your corrected final essay to the assignment link and the Turnitin button by April 21, 2012. Online Library Project: (Worth 5 points) You will log on to one of the library journal databases that specializes in literature. You will find an article that is not a plot summary, that is peer reviewed, and that addresses the research prompt. After reading, rereading, and annotating the article, you will write a summary in a minimum of 300 words, including the title and author of the article (MLA Works Cited Citation). If you quote from the article, please use proper MLA in-text citation and include a work cited page. An A library project will include a summary without commentary. It will also include an article that contains an argument and is grammatically, mechanically, and syntactically correct. It will not be a plot summary, such as Masterplots or Spark Notes. Due April 7. Final Draft: (Worth 20 points) Your final draft will be a synthesis of your original ideas and the ideas collected from your outside sources. It should contain approximately 25-35% outside sources and 65-75% of your own original ideas. The paper should have a clear and defendable thesis. You should successfully and logically maintain an argument that answers your specific research question throughout the paper. It will be 2100 words long, follow the guidelines for out of class writing, with all outside sources cited properly according to MLA format. You must submit your final draft via Blackboard. An A Final Draft will include 6 sources as outlined above, fulfill the development/word requirement, have an arguable thesis statement that answers the prompt, supporting evidence from both the play and your outside sources, and proper MLA citation. It will be grammatically, syntactically, and mechanically correct. Due April 21. Requirements: The tone of academic papers is formal. Please do not write in first or second person or use informal language such as slang, text speak, clichés, regionalisms, and colloquialisms. You should have an arguable thesis that states your position clearly. Your position will be your answer to the prompt you select. You will support your thesis statement with claims. Those claims must be supported by textual evidence. Do not write a plot summary. Your paper will have an introduction that includes the thesis. Your paper will have body paragraphs in which you support your thesis with reasonable claims and support. You will proofread your paper for spelling, grammar, and mechanics errors. Any papers with more than 5 proofreading errors on any page will be returned ungraded and will be penalized as late when resubmitted. Use active verbs. Rather than writing She is loving the way he speaks to her, write, She loves the way he speaks to her. Make sure your subjects and verbs agree in number and person. Use your Rules for Writers Handbook from ENGL 1301 as a reference. Use proper MLA citation. You may use Purdues OWL, the MLA Handbook, your Rules for Writers Handbook, or any reference that does not generate your citations for you. Include an original and thought provoking title. You must have a header with your name, the assignment, course title, my name and date, and you must include page numbers. Save your paper as a .doc or a .rtf. I will not accept any other document form.
Name:Professor:Class:Date:Fiction, Poetry, DramaIntroductionAccording to the futurists, the current age which is taken to be the age of big industry, sophisticated life and large proletarian cities, is highly in need of new art, language, behaviour and philosophy. The futurists are therefore said to be revolutionalists since they developed this idea at a time when the socialists, politicians and economists never had such an idea in their minds. Since the futurists have focussed on art as an important element in reshaping the current ways of life, it can be said to have great relevance to humanity. The modern world is characterized by civilization in most aspects of life through globalization. Art has a great role to play in enhancing civilization in different generations of mankind. The essay focuses on the relevance of art to humanity through its contribution to civilization and its value in history. In addition, the essay will focus on poetry as an instrument of change. DiscussionRelevance of Art to HumanityContribution of Art to CivilizationArt has a lot of significance to humanity especially by its contribution to civilization. First, art brings awareness to the people on different issues that affect them in their day to day activities. This occurs through the ability of art to present certain elements of truth that cannot be presented in any other way (Rothenberg and Joris). This creates awareness among the people on issues that would remain phenomenal in life. As people become more enlightened, they gain more knowledge and hence they can be said to be civilized. This improves their standards of living even beyond their expectations. Art has contributed significantly to civilization among people by making the societies better than they were before. However, there are several steps that are involved in this for instance the work of art must be presented publicly and people must accept and embrace such works. In addition, the people must emulate the behaviours expressed in the art to change the society in a way that improves human welfare. This is civilization as people are introduced to new ways of life and new ways of doing things. The aspect of making the art public is important since it has been argued that unless people are aware of existence of the work of art, they cannot develop the interest of changing their ways of life. An example of Art presented to the public is the work by Rothenberg and Joris in the book the “Poems for the Millennium: The University of California Book of Modern and Postmodern Poetry”. This is a collection of poems from different artists. These artists had their own thoughts and experiences which they put in writing but it was not possible to convey these messages to the people. As such, the art work could not have impacted significantly in the modern society. The compilation of these poems in a book by Rothenberg and Joris have made it possible to make the art work public since the book is accessible to ma...

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Literature: Fiction, Poetry, Drama Literature: Fiction, Poetry, Drama
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