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[Solved] Literature Discussion

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[Solved] Literature Discussion

Literature Discussion

Part I


In the Poem Africa, Mckay shows the beauty of Africa by noting all the good things that he presupposes are its Glory. This is not same with the poem An open letter which showcases the negatives of Africa noting why it is not seen as interesting or captivating. The ideologies that are noted by these two poems also take very different positions. While the leadership on people such as Pharaoh is noted to have some level of arrogance, which is coupled by fame under McKay. The Opens letter adopts the position of noting, that which is seen to be immodest. The Open letter sees no essence of life for the Africans and at one time, it notes of a wager on a man’s head.

Part II


The phrase is applied by Conrad to show a high level of attention on why it is essential for all the characters to appreciate the value of one another in the story. Conrad also hopes to show that the mind of an individual is insurmountable whenever it sets its objectives and seeks to achieve them. The writer through the excerpt shows the different individual skills that people may possess to display a high level of appreciation. The writer notes it is a way of showing respect to all humanly factors. Through this part, the readers are able to comprehend the essence of understanding one another. The part creates a linkage to the different characters that Conrad used in his story.

Part III


Apocalypse now highlights different episodes that are significant in creating a linkage and developing the main plot of the Film. In the above Phrase, Captain Willard accepts to divorce his wife showing the level of escalation and the effect of the fight they may have endured while they were in Vietnam. The phrase also assists the reader to create a linkage between those events that occurred to soldiers such as Willard in Vietnam. This part depicts Willard to accept reality and to realize that the pain he may be going through he does not have to endure it alone.


Yes, I would support Chinua Achebe’s view; the book is demeaning to the Africans as it displays the overall view of the European community’s against the Africans. The book insinuates that Africans are primitive, savage, and inhuman. This is depiction of the heightened level of hatred, which is shown when African men are referred to as Unearthly Creatures, and shadows and not dying men. One of the notable phrases that the book applies is “dog wearing trousers.” This directly displays the high level of hatred that Conrad may be having against the Africans.


In the poem The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock, several allusions imply a high level of modernity on the modern man. The first aspect is the level of responsiveness that the man offers to the women in the poem. The writer notes there are many women who depict a certain aura of authority. The second aspect depicted is the mention of clothing that was common in the times of the 20thcentury. The most notable of these are the coats, the snickers which were the new forms of clothing to the modern era. Another aspect is the Screens, which signifies his appreciation of technology just as the modern man would.


In the Movie Apocalypse, which is a major debut of the Vietnam War episode, Captain Wiggard depicts existentialism in various capacities. He first shows commitment by agreeing to join in the Navy and be part of the war crew. His commitment urges him to question Chief due to what he calls to be the erratic decision making. He later is bound, subdued and brought before the Chief due to his will for reforms. Another common aspect that is largely noted in the film is the openness to experience. Wiggard is keen to show undying need to embrace new concepts and further seeks to create an environment for new experiences. This is shown in an episode where Chef is scared of the tiger while Willard is not.

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