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[Solved] Linguistics Metaphor

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[Solved] Linguistics Metaphor

Linguistics Metaphor

The instructions are all on the handout that I have attached. Please follow the instructions carefully and precisely. Please include which questions you are answering in the paper as you write. I have put an example answer paper(Different problems from the one I have requested) to show the idea of how to think and answer. I value the deepness rather than the number of pages. *Format* Double-spaced, 12pt font, Times New Roman, 1-inch margins. MAX5pages. Less than this is okay. The files for the readings are attached except "Philosophy in the flesh " by "George Lakoff and Mark Johnson " Chapters1-7 and "Metaphors We Live By with New Afterword "by "George Lakoff and Mark Johnson " Chapter1-10and 18, "More than cool reason" by George Lakoff and Mark Tuner Chapter1-3
Linguistics MetaphorQuestion 1 (Answer)Part I (Q1)Sentence 1: I saw my sweetheart today, so I`m on cloud nine!Target domain: HappyFrame name: EmotionsThis sentence describes the situation of a person who has seen his sweetheart today and he is very happy. The general metaphor for this sentence is ‘happy is up`. The meaning of the metaphor in this sentence is that the person is feeling up and that he is in high spirits. The structure of the sentence implies that the person has seen his sweetheart after a long time and he is very emotional. He is describing his state by using a metaphor. The experiential basis for this sentence is that when a person is describe his feeling at a time of very happiness he or she uses a metaphor and most of time it happens unintentionally depended upon the linguistic and social background of the person.Sentence 2: He has complete power over her, and she is totally under his control.Target domain: ControlFrame name: Authority and submissionThe general metaphor for this sentence is ‘Close is Up` which provides a basis for Man is Up. By virtue of this metaphor, the lexical item over can be understood metaphorically as indicating greater control. There are two parts of this sentence. The first one shows an authority and the second submission. The sentence implies that a male person has gained a complete authority on a female person and that the female person cannot do anything on her own. However, the situation is not completely clear in this sentence. For example it is not clear whether the control here is used as administrative, moral or forced. The experiential basis for this sentence is that the situation of persons is being described. One person has gained an authority and other has lost ...

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[Solved] Linguistics Metaphor [Solved] Linguistics Metaphor
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