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LING 305W: Interview with Mr. Hamad Almukhazeem

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LING 305W: Interview with Mr. Hamad Almukhazeem

LING 305W: Interview with Mr. Hamad Almukhazeem


LING 305W                          Interview Contact Email Sample                 Project #2 Profile

 Directions: Contact at least one of your interviewees TODAY about Project #2.  The interview will last between 15-30 minutes (but it can last longer if you wish).  You must complete the interview between Tuesday, February 23 and Friday, March 4 (I recommend completing the interview by March 2nd).  Politely request an electronic or print copy of your interviewee’s resume.  Below is a sample email that you may use.

 The underlined sections are items that you most likely will change in order to tailor it to your specific details.  (However, do not retain the underlines in your email.)  You do not have use this sample verbatim, however, you may use it as a guideline for sending your emails.  You also may contact your interviewees by phone or in-person

 From: Student Name

To: Dr. Constance Tsoukas

Cc: Professor Shaffer

Date: February 23, 2016

Subject: Profile Interview for Linguistics 305W

 Hello Dr. Tsoukas:

 My name is Cesar Cisneros and I took your class Engineering 205 (Structural Design) during the Spring 2016semester.  I am currently enrolled in Linguistics 305W and my next project includes interviewing a professor for my major of Mechanical Engineering or a professional who works in a position related to my career path that I am interested in obtaining post graduation.

 I am contacting you because I would like to interview you for this project.  The main focus of the interview will be centered on the use of writing for your position.  The interview should take between 15 – 30 minutes.

 My Linguistics 305W professor suggests that I request a copy of your resume for use in our project as well.  If you are willing to provide an electronic or printed copy, it would be very helpful, however, this is not an obligatory component of my project.

 Should you be available for an interview, please respond to me by email at [email protected] by this Friday, February 26.  The Department of Engineering’s website states that your office hours are MW 10:00-11:00.  I can meet you on Wednesday, October 6 at 10:00am.  If another time works better for you, please let me know.  The interview must be completed during the week of Tuesday, February 23 and Friday, March 4th. 

 Your time and consideration are greatly appreciated.  Thank you.

 Cesar Cisneros

Mechanical Engineering Student

San Diego State University

[email protected]


Interview with Mr. Hamad Almukhazeem When people think about civil engineers, the first thing that comes to mind is building and structural plans. But ask civil engineers like Mr. Hamad Almukhazeen from the Kuwait Oil Company what it means to be a civil engineer, and you will be surprised to discover that there is so much more to this profession. For one, in a huge company like Kuwait Oil whose main role is to “explore, develop and produce hydrocarbons without compromising the environment or our commitments to our stakeholders” (H. Almukhazeem, personal communication, March 2, 2016), civil engineers help ensure that the company is able to perform its function in a “compliant, profitable, safe and environmentally responsible manner” (H. Almukhazeem, personal communication, March 2, 2016). Civil engineers help ensure that the infrastr


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LING 305W: Interview with Mr. Hamad Almukhazeem LING 305W: Interview with Mr. Hamad Almukhazeem
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