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Legalizing Industrial Hemp Farming

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Legalizing Industrial Hemp Farming

Legalizing Industrial Hemp Farming

please use these two sources 1:http://www.ers.usda.gov/Publications/AGES001e/ 2: Hemp as an Agricultural Commodity By Jean M. Rawson would also like to talk about the following subjects 1. A renewable source of Bio Diesel and Ethanol 2. A source of fibers for paper, rope and clothing. 3.Also a food product used for oil and other property`s
Student`s name:Tutor:Course:Date:Legalizing Industrial Hemp FarmingIntroduction Industrial hemp production turns out to be the focus about official interests within various states. Hemp has been perceived as a plant within the cannabis genus (Cannabis sativa), which consists of a fibrous back or skin used in making of cordage of cloth. Hemp is a Cannabis sativa variety typified by low levels concerning key psychoactive chemical called tetrahydrocannabinol within their flowers and leaves. It has been categorized as a restricted substance within United States (USDA 2). Canada allows for hemp production and this has raised questions concerning hemp products demand. This paper attempts to discuss the aspect regarding industrial hemp farming legalization. Various aspects will be brought out concerning its importance and the realized importance will then be weighed against the experienced drawbacks so as to come up with conclusions as to whether its industrial farming should be legalized. Legalizing of industrial hemp farming There are various arguments concerning legalization of industrial farming of hemp. The arguments are based upon the benefits which are derived from hemp products utilization hence making its legalization necessary. The arguments supporting industrial hemp farming legalization may be brought to light as follows. For instance, industrial hemp farming ought to be legalized because it facilitates production of essential products for use such as seed, fiber and oil. It is pointed out that farmers within over thirty countries globally are involved in industrial hemp growing commercially for seed, fiber and oil for utilization within various consumer and industrial products, as well as food (Rawson 1). These products are highly useful within daily activities hence this supports the idea that industrial hemp farming ought to be legalized so that nations may be able to acquire the various products in appropriate ways. Secondly, hemp is a source of a desirable fabric and therefore its legalization is essential because individuals will have uncontrolled access towards the desirable fabric. It is clear that hemp grows very well devoid of pesticides, fungicides or herbicides. Cotton, which produces a similar product (fiber), is produced through processes that require application of various agricultural chemicals (Clawson 381). Sources highlight that hemp fibres have long fibers which are soft and natural. They are more mildew-resistant, more absorbent, more insulative, stronger, and longer compared to cotton. This implies that clothing made from hemp fiber has the capacity to keep individuals cooler within summer and warmer within winter compared to cotton. Hemp farming which is industrial should therefore be legalized so that individuals may continue enjoying the benefits derived from its products. Hemp ought to be legalized because it produces some industrial products which are biodegradable. Due to the fact that hemp contains cellulose...

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Legalizing Industrial Hemp Farming Legalizing Industrial Hemp Farming
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