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[Solved]Legal Coursework Research: Litigation and Client Advise

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[Solved]Legal Coursework Research: Litigation and Client Advise

Legal Coursework Research: Litigation and Client Advise


Research Journal Assignment

(Module 13)

In this exercise, you will complete a short, informal, research journal. Why a journal? We are often interrupted or delayed in our research. Knowing where you are at in the research and why is important. You are also documenting research possibilities that you have eliminated in case you receive questions about those possibilities. A well-kept research journal makes writing a memorandum or brief easier. Finally, from an educational perceptive, a journal allows you to reflect on your research style to get the most out of the learning process. Remember to document your process, essentially “thinking out loud” as I cannot give credit by inferring what you did, only by what you document.


Litigation and Client Advise Name Institution of Affiliation Date Litigation and Client Advise After the filing of the case at the state court in southern Carolina, the supervising attorney is aware that the court doesn`t enforce forum selection of some clauses for cases outside the state. Then the PR officer moves the case to the federal court where he sues the company of breaching the contract. Therefore the case will take place at the federal courts. These are some of the prepositions and the advice to the client: 1 The allegation being relayed on the PR is that after the promotion for the company`s product sales didn`t rise of which that is not the duty of the PR officer. As from 42 U.S. Code § 7256- Contracts, leases, etc., with public agencies


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[Solved]Legal Coursework Research: Litigation and Client Advise [Solved]Legal Coursework Research: Litigation and Client Advise
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