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[Solved] Leadership Styles within FlyDubai

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[Solved] Leadership Styles within FlyDubai

Leadership Styles within FlyDubai

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Leadership Styles within FlyDubaiNameCourse numberInstructor`s nameDateIntroductionEmployee`s effort in tasks is as a result of the type of leadership that a particular organization adopts. Usually, organizations use a combination of leadership styles to influence their employees to achieve results. However, one style may dominate over others and it is often linked to the organization`s achievements and successes. Leadership attains three common results in the employees, teammates and followers. Some leaders hope to inspire their followers to achieve the laid down objectives, others take a supervisory approach in their leadership while others lead by focusing on the organization`s strategy. The inspirational leader is seen to lead by heart, the strategic leader leads by head and the supervisory leader by hands. This paper shall assess Fly Dubai Airline`s leadership style in light of the factors that determine the particular styles. It will also seek to evaluate how effective the leadership styles are and unravel how the styles allow or facilitate the way in which the company handles change. It shall also make recommendations on how the company can benefit from effectively blending the leadership styles to achieve its objectives.Strategic leadership is a style that enhances the long-term viability of a company through articulation of a clear vision, which is maintained through financial stability. Strategic leaders share values with their employees to make decisions with minimal monitoring and they also encourage innovation (Rowe & Nejad, 2009). Supervisory leadership is concerned with the completion of day-to-day activities or tasks by individuals and teams. Supervisory leaders seek subordinates` commitment to decisions which is essential for goal achievement (Pechlivanidis & Katsimpra, 2008). Inspirational leadership is about inspiring people to achieve, be innovative and committed to the goal of the organization. It inspires forming of relationships based on trust and openness where employees do the right thing because they want to and not because they have to. They nurture, guide and encourage employees through values and significant purpose to achieve success. They see human resource as assets and aim to achieve success through them (Timothy, 2008). Fly Dubai`s Background informationThe Government of Dubai established FlyDubai in March 2008 with a view to provide a low cost air travel facility for the growing airline market share. The company made purchase of its first aircraft the Boeing 737-800 in May 2009 and commenced flights to Beirut in June of the same year. The main goal of the company is to sustain its leading position in provision of low cost airline services in the United Arab Emirates and overall in the Middle East (Flydubai, 2013). The airline has a network of routes to over sixty destinations in the Middle East, Asia, Eastern Europe, Africa, Central Europe and Indian subcontinent (PRNewswire, 2013). In the 2012 financial year, F...

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[Solved] Leadership Styles within FlyDubai [Solved] Leadership Styles within FlyDubai
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