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[Solved] Leadership Style in the school setting

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[Solved] Leadership Style in the school setting

Leadership Style in the school setting

Please, find attached rubric and instructions for for the completion assignment: Also, organize the writing under the following headings: - Introduction - Affects of Federal and State Law - Research-Based Advice To Superintendent Please, start preparing Leadership style in the school setting first because that is the one due in 10 days, followed by data in decision making then NCLB will be done last. I made mistake in payment, I did not hit pay now, that`s why the Leadership did not appear first. Thanks for understanding and attention to this matter.
Federal Laws and State Laws Name: Institution: Date: Introduction In the United States there is a section of the law that is referred to as the Federal Law. These are a body of laws that are applied by the federal governments within a given country that is sovereign. These are essentially laws that are applied by all the 50 states of the United States of America, such as the most common Immigration Law or the Tax Law. These are basically laws that apply to every citizen in the 50 states of the USA (USA Corporate Services, 2013). The state laws on the other hand are those that apply to specific states as they are tailored for the specific affairs of the independent states. They deal with rather localized matters, such as issues regarding business contracts. Each of the states also has the local laws that even more specific to various levels of governance stretching from the counties, cities, towns, municipalities and to the villages. 1. Discuss how federal and state laws affect how the superintendent carries out the duties of the office. There has always been some conflict that comes from the state laws and federal laws rubbing shoulders on the matters that controversial (LawHelp, 2013). In any state, the superiority of either of the laws facet depends on the issue that is a hand. Much of these conflicts between the two sets of laws arise from the fact that one may allow an aspect that the other holds illegal. However, according to the supremacy clause, the state laws are not above the federal laws, the constitution as well as the treaties that have been signed between the various states. This therefore calls for the enforcement of the federal laws over the state laws verdict in the case of a conflict between the two sets of the American law. As such, the state laws cannot enforce anythi...

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[Solved] Leadership Style in the school setting [Solved] Leadership Style in the school setting
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