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Leadership Style Analysis Paper

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Leadership Style Analysis Paper

Leadership Style Analysis Paper


In a 6-7 page (12 point font, double-spaced) paper, please examine a famous workplace/business leader applying the concepts and theories explored in this course. Follow
this outline:
• – Open your essay with an opening paragraph describing the leader and summarizing the most prominent leadership style(s) utilized by the leader (Keep the personal information
very brief. This is not a biographical sketch. Focus on their workplace history as much as possible)
• – Name/define three specific successful leadership skills, behaviors, or traits of this leader.
• – Name the leadership skill, leadership behavior, or trait that you think best explains the success of this leader, and explain how/why that led to success
• – Analyze one example of how this leader’s approach or style correlates to one of the leadership theories discussed in this course
• – Explain why this leadership style or approach has been successful for this leader and make logical arguments supporting your case.
• – Please list two lessons or takeaways from this leader’s approach that you can apply to your own workplace leadership experiences.
• – Paper must be double-spaced, 12-point font, 6-7 pages. (Page count does not include title page or reference list.) Use the description of this assignment to create an
outline for this paper. Include an introductory and concluding paragraph.

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Leadership Style Analysis Paper Leadership Style Analysis Paper
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