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[Solved]Leadership in Health Care Compared to Management Research

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[Solved]Leadership in Health Care Compared to Management Research

Leadership in Health Care Compared to Management Research


Chapter 2
Review of Literature Instructions
The review literature needs to be five pages minimum and 10 pages maximum. The review of literature is the “evidence” you find in the literature, related to the topic. Therefore, none of what is reported in the review of literature can be your own thoughts. You must have citations throughout this section. At a minimum, have a citation for the first and last sentence of each paragraph. If you have a source in between, obviously you will have a citation. Be sure to have a citation for definitions, (things you present as facts, statistics, and lists of things, such as elements in a series). Depending on information from the literature, you may have a citation for each sentence. Do not list the details of the studies. The review of literature is a narrative in which you will use the citations to back you up.
You are not allowed direct quotation or block quote (40 words or more). You must have an in-text citation immediately following the quotation that includes the page or paragraph number or it is plagiarism (see page 92 and page 170 to 172). At this level, you should be able to paraphrase and explain concepts in your own words. In scientific or technical writing, quotations do not add value to your paper as they do in other types of writing.
Remember the tense is past tense for information published in the past or occurrences that are over and done in the past. Use the present perfect tense (APA, 2010, p. 78) for an action in the past that did not occur at a specific time or to describe an action that started in the past and continues into the present: Since that time, several investigators have used this method. Use the present tense for actions or procedures that are still valid today.
This paper will be submitted to trust-write and/or turn-it-in to assess plagiarism
The following is the outline selected for leadership (Please assure that every section has in-text citation):
Evolution of leadership
Leadership compared to management. 
Leadership trait theory. 
Leadership Skills 
Strategic thinking. 
Organizational skills. 
Time management. 
Effective teamwork. 
Conflict resolution.
Risk management.
Decision making. 
Problem solving.
Policy making.
Leadership Evaluation
Performance improvement.
Reviewing outcomes.
Event resolution. 


Leadership Name: Institution: Course: Date: Evolution of Leadership As globalization has continually changed the way that business is conducted across the globe and the level of technology continually continues to grow and have intrinsic impacts in the global economies (Riggio, 2010). At the same time the, due to the social and ethical connections that are associated with global cultural competence, the leadership ideologies have changed. In the past leadership has been quite straight forward with most of the theories focusing on the leaders’ ability to formulate decisions, while the rest of the followers implement the guidelines (Riggio, 2010). From the 60s and the 70s much of the leadership theories focused on leadership theories, where the leaders made all the decisions. Ideally, leadership was task oriented. However, this has since changed over time, with much of the emphasis being directed towards the followers more than the leader. While leadership styles are largely dependent on the objectives and the kind of organization, of late the leadership styles have taken on a shift. Leaders now involve the followers on the decision making process in the shift along the transformational leadership style (Maslanka, 2004). The leaders give power to the team members for them to own the process of decision making and the objectives of the various objectives. Leadership Compared to Management While the concept of leadership and management must go hand in hand...


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[Solved]Leadership in Health Care Compared to Management Research [Solved]Leadership in Health Care Compared to Management Research
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