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Topic: Personally Identifiable information, (PII) and how to protect it. We hope to develop a program that will bring awareness to care givers in hospitals and doctors’ offices, which will show how important it is to keep PII confidential. While steps are being taken to address this issue, the steps are not followed up on and patient information is still being disclosed to others who should have no access to this information. In addition medication errors are being made due to improper validation of PII. Team C will show how through proper training and specific steps information can be kept private. As a future health care leader, you may see leaders transition through many positions in an organization. In health care, it is important to have leaders that understand the leadership process and follow strategies for becoming effective coaches and mentors. However, many organizations do not offer leadership programs to help develop strong leaders for their organization or for the next generation. Each Learning Team must create a Leadership Development Proposal that might be presented to your organization’s board of directors to request funding for the creation of a leadership program. If your organization already has a program in place, you must then evaluate the program for its utilization and effectiveness. Describe the advantages and disadvantages of the program, if it is used, and explain how the program might be improved. Also, address how you might involve more people and enroll them in the program. Resource: Leadership Development Proposal on the student website Interview effective leaders that you know to gain insight into becoming an effective leader and mentor. You may also interview ineffective leaders and mentors to understand how to avoid those issues with your program. Create a 5-slides Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation, with detailed speaker notes and references, including quotations that might be presented to your organization’s Board of Directors to receive funding for the program. Address the following questions in your plan or evaluation: 1.How do management and leadership theories and styles differ, including how the leadership model may be applied to management theories at different levels within the organization, from entry to advanced? 2.Which characteristics of professionalism–such as ethics, networking, professional growth, and community involvement–are essential for leaders within the health care industry and why they are important? 3.What are some challenges and issues affecting leadership in the health care industry? 4.How might these challenges and issues affecting leadership in the health care industry be overcome?

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