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Keith Urban

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Keith Urban

Keith Urban


I need an outline on my research paper that is in attachments.

OutlineIntroduction Keith Urban is my favorite singer, whose music I’ve been listening since I was 15 years oldI became a big fan of Keith Urban’s after watching and listening to his video clip “Raining on Sunday” on a country music channel.He is an accomplished country music singer and songwriter. Early life of Keith UrbanKeith Urban was born on October, 26 1967 in Whangeri (Wrong-A- ray) New Zealand.He moved to Queensland, Australia, at the age of six, with his parents Bob and MaryAnn Urban, and his older brother Shane.Keith showed an interest in music from early on, a trait he inherited from his parents, especially his father who got hired a guitar teacher for him. He joined a country band when he was a teenager.Music career lifeKeith made his name in the music industry following hisregular appe...

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Keith Urban Keith Urban
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