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Kate Chopin

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Kate Chopin

Kate Chopin

Annotated bibliography of Kate Chopin
Student name Institution Instructor Date Annotated bibliography of Kate Chopin Emily, Toth. Unveiling Kate Chopin. Mississippi: University Press of Mississippi, 1999. Emily Toth delivers a story about Kate, a young lady who spent most of her early years in the hands of the nuns. Kate was educated by the wealthy widows but was later depressed when the soldiers assaulted her. This put her down but she later regained her stability. Kate rose to become one of the greatest writers of her time. Lorraine, Eliot. The Real Kate Chopin. Pittsburgh: Dorrance Pub Co, 2002. Eliot develops a story that carries events of Kate Chopin. Eliot illustrates that struggles that Chopin had to undergo as a women. The author of this book displays that various responsibilities that Chopin had to put up with and still emerge as a successful writer. This story is quite inspiring and motivating.  HTMLCONTROL Forms.HTML:Hidden.1  Emily, Toth & Per Seyersted. Kate Chopin`s Private Papers. Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 1998. The authors of this book put into perspective all the literary materials developed by Kate Chopin. Three stages of Chopin are highlighted in this book. The unmarried Chopin forms the first stage. The married and then the widowed Chopin form the other two stages. The authors give a description of the poems, papers and diaries written by Chopin. Her critics` comments are also highlighted. Janet, Beer. The Cambridge Companion to Kate Chopin. Cambridge: Cambridge U...

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Kate Chopin Kate Chopin
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