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[Solved] Judging Research Studies

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[Solved] Judging Research Studies

Judging Research Studies

For this assignment, review at least five articles(my topic is Strategies to help young females to overcome eating disorders) according to the following instructions:  Using the criteria for “Judging a Research Study” on pages 258 and 259 of your textbook, evaluate at least five or more research articles.  Answer Questions 1 and 2 for all five articles.  Answer two questions from each of the remaining sections of the criteria questions for all five sources (14 questions for a total of 16 questions per source).  Include an APA references list for all five (or more) sources.
Judging Research StudiesName Institution AffiliationCourseDate of Submission Question1The literature reviews of these articles are related to previous literature reviews in that, they are using ideas of previous researches regarding strategies in helping young females to overcome eating disorders. The literature reviews in these articles have helped the authors to craft their research study question, which provides guidelines that help the current studies to take into account further studies that are related to eating disorders.Question2The studies have employed both recent reviews and past reviews in conducting their research studies. The reviews have helped the research to be substantiated from those conducted earlier as they provide direction for future studies.Question4The purpose of the studies have been clearly stated to enable readers have a clear understanding regarding the aim of the studies. The study purpose is geared toward finding a solution t o the eating disorders of young females.Question8The studies provide a rationale of conducting the study. The studies are significant as they provide an issue that requires being looked at in an attempt to understanding the reason and solution to the perceived problem.Question9Hypothesis in these studies is clearly stated to enable the research study to have a question which the studies are seeking for solutions. The study question provides researchers with an objective to pursue in their study.Question13The analyses of the study findings have provided result...

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[Solved] Judging Research Studies [Solved] Judging Research Studies
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