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[Solved] Jazz Music

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[Solved] Jazz Music

Jazz Music

please i will attach a paper that has the instruction of what to write please i will need it on time ...because after 7 hours i want to submit it .. Make English very simple because English is my second language!!!
Jazz Music (Your name) (Course instructor) (Course title) (Date of submission) Introduction Art and Music are crucial elements in human experience. Appreciation and understanding of art and music could be quite useful in widening an individual`s character as well as strengthening the existing relationship among people. In the present time, jazz music has come to be conspicuous, relevant and increased in popularity so to speak. This music genre is presently studied in various learning institutions, both public and private across the world. The purpose of this paper is to study jazz music and Davis Miles, one of the famous jazz maestros in 1970s as well his popular album “Bitches Brew”. Jazz Music Jazz is a kind of music that emanated within the African American communities in America during the 20th century or earlier. Its origin, which was particularly based on the adoption of European harmony by African Americans, involved the taking of European elements and incorporating them into the extant African music. This is more depicted through improvisation, blue notes, polyrhythm, swung notes and syncopation. In addition, Jazz has also continued to incorporate since its inceptions various elements from the American popular culture. Specifically, ragtime and blues elements are combined in forming arrhythmic and harmonic structures that are improvised in jazz music (Kirchner, 2005). Though this kind of music has spread and continues to spread in many parts of the world, its roots can be traced in America. The music components a have been drawn from various state, regional and local cultures resulting into distinct styles and ways of playing the music. Some of the jazz styles includes but not limited to: free jazz, punk jazz, jazz rock, nu jazz, m-base, jazz fusion, smooth jazz, jazz rap, indo jazz among others. In providing on what he terms as a broader definition of Jazz, Elsdon, (2003) explains that it is a type of music which includes such qualities s...

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[Solved] Jazz Music [Solved] Jazz Music
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