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In this paper, you are asked to provide a report on IT project management within a professional workplace. You are supposed to cover all the topics based on application of facts, principles and concepts, and accurate expressions of ideas.


This examination is will formatively as well as summatively assess your grasp of the topics covered in this subject and is aligned with all subject outcomes.

The purpose of this exam is to ensure that the student is fully conversant with all the content material in the subject ITC505 and in so doing, meets the learning outcomes of this subject.


The examination consists of: Multiple choice questions, short and long answer questions.
Close book
All questions must be answered
Covering all topics this assessment task has been designed to assess your ability to: 

  • identify, critically analyse, reflect on and synthesise the key elements of the IT project management framework, including project stakeholders, communication management, the project management knowledge areas, common tools and techniques, and project success factors;
  • critically analyse the role of IT project management within a professional workplace, from the viewpoint of the member/leader of the project team;
  • research and critically evaluate how a practising IT project manager applies IT project management techniques, project management skills, methods and software tools in the IT industry;

Marking criteria

Marks will be awarded based on:

  • appropriate application of facts, principles and concepts; and
  • accurate expression of ideas
  • the correctness of answers
  • inclusion of appropriate figure(s), if applicable
  • the use of appropriate techniques.

Material provided by the University

1 x 24pp Answer Booklet 
General Purpose Answer Sheet

Material required by the student

Writing implements, including a 2B pencil and an eraser
Any calculator allowed, including programmable calculators (hand held, no printer). I-pads and other hand-held computers are not accepted as calculators.
No dictionary permitted

Assessment Information[Hide]

  • Learning materials

Details of learning materials that support your success in this subject can be found in the Interact2 Subject Site.

  • Referencing

Referencing is an important component of academic work. All assessment tasks should be appropriately referenced. The specific details of the referencing requirements are included in each assessment task description. Get referencing style guides and help to use for your assessments.

  • Plagiarism

CSU treats plagiarism seriously. We may use Turnitin to check your submitted work for plagiarism. You can use Turnitin to check for plagiarism in your assessments before submission.

  • How to apply for special consideration

Academic regulations provide for special consideration to be given if you suffer misadventure or extenuating circumstances during the session (including the examination period) which prevents you from meeting acceptable standards or deadlines. Find the form on the Student Portal Special Consideration, Misadventure, Advice and Appeals page.

  • Extensions

In order to ensure that students who hand their assignments in on time are not disadvantaged, and to enable the lecturer to comply with the requirement to return assignments to the class within 21 days, the following rules about extensions will be strictly enforced:

  1. Extensions cannot be granted for online tests, as these have to be done within a specific time frame, after which the answers are released to the class automatically.
  2. Computer problems and normal work-related pressures and family commitments do not constitute sufficient reasons for the granting of extensions. 
  3. If it becomes obvious that you are not going to be able to submit an assignment on time because of an unavoidable problem, you must submit your request for an extension to the Subject Coordinator in writing (email or post) priorto the due date.

    Requests for extensions will not be granted on or after the due date so you must make sure that any extension is requested prior to the day on which the assignment is due.

    You are expected to do all you can to meet assignment deadlines. Work and family related pressures do not normally constitute sufficient reasons for the granting of extensions or incomplete grades.
  4. If you apply for an extension, you may be asked to email your lecturer on what you have done so far on the assignment.
  5. You must be able to provide documentary evidence (such as a certificate from a doctor or counsellor) justifying the need for an extension as soon as practicable - but please note that if the circumstances giving rise to the request for an extension arise on a day when you cannot get documentary evidence, you must still apply for the extension before the due dateand submit the documentary evidence afterwards. 
  6. Given the tight deadlines involved in returning assignments to students and putting feedback on Interact, the maximum extension granted generally will be seven (7) days from the due date.
  7. Assignments received more than 10 days after the due date or extension date will not be marked unless the staff member decides otherwise. Items received late will be penalised at 10% of the mark available for the assessment item per day it is late (see below).
  8. Note that for purposes of measuring lateness, the `day` begins just after 00.00 hrs AEST - so an assignment received after midnight of the due date will be penalised 10% for lateness. This rule will be applied to all students uniformly. 
  • Penalties for Late Submission

The penalty for late submission of an assessment task (without obtaining the Subject Coordinator`s approval for an extension) will be:

10% deduction per day, including weekends, of the maximum marks allocated for the assessment task, i.e. 1 day late 10% deduction, or 2 days late 20% deduction.

An example of the calculation would be:

Maximum marks allocated = 20
Penalty for one day late = 2 marks (so, a score of 18/20 becomes 16/20 and a score of 12/20 becomes 10/20).

If an assignment is due on a Friday but is not submitted until the following Tuesday, then the penalty will be four days (40% deduction or 8 marks in the example above).

Submissions more than 10 days late will be acknowledged as received but will not be marked.

  • Resubmission

Under normal circumstances resubmission of assessment items will not be accepted for any of the assessments required in this subject.

  • Online Submission

Assignments should be submitted through TurnItIn. Please meet with your respective lecturer to enroll in the Turnitin (If you do not receive any email from Turnitin).

Assessments such as Blogs, Quizzes and Journals are required to submit in the Interact2.

TurnItIn does not accept Excel files and PDF files.

Assignment/s must be submitted through Turnitin by midnight (AEST) according to the date mentioned in the subject outline. 

  • Postal Submission

Under normal circumstances postal submissions will not be accepted for any of the assessments required.

  • Hand Delivered Submission

Under normal circumstances hand delivered submissions will not be accepted for any of the assessments required.

  • Feedback

Feedback for assessment items will be provided by subject lecturer/s.


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