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[Solved] IT Issues Faced in the Implementation of Magento in BGK

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[Solved] IT Issues Faced in the Implementation of Magento in BGK

Abstract In a globe where milliseconds matters, constructing an e-commerce solution for uttermost performance is crucial. Consumers in the online sphere have developed progressively impatient, and slower response periods can shake transformation rates. Not only online dealers but companies that are still not offering online services such as BGK also need an e-commerce solution that can produce more and adapt speedily to changing e-commerce needs. In this particular project Magento would be implemented as a web based application for the procurement of the concerned business needs of BGK. Magento Enterprise Edition is intended to encounter and go beyond these requirements, offering flexible, powerful e-commerce platform that can easily scale as their businesses grow. Proper configuration of Magento Enterprise Edition together with applicable hardware and software mechanisms will prepare dealers with the tools required to meet their business needs (Parsons, 2001)

Problem Statement

  • It has been observed that BGK was confronting many difficulties concerning the marketing and sales scenario
  • Their retails were not being carefully handled as the number of customers was increasing gradually
  • Their orders were taking more time and company was concerned about these problems
  • BGK has no possible source of future business enlargement techniques and even it does not have its own website.
  • The aims of this study are to identify the advanced customer service, different from the fundamental duties, as Magento can bring up to 4 million customers at a time
  • To evaluate the extent of customer experience in order to achieve customer satisfaction
  • Also to discover the potential possible manners that can enhance customer satisfaction and can enhance BGK’s advanced services, comprising range of products and customer support for detailed requirements.
  • To make an effective use of internet and e-commerce so that it also provides the customers to access prices of the products offered for the best possible outcomes.

Aims and Objectives

Research Questions

The research questions are based on the aims and objectives of the research. The research questions should be in accordance with the major issues and problems highlighted and needs to be addressed (Fiala, 2005).

  • What are the fundamental models of effective IT implementation?
  • What are the major issues related to information flow disruptions and risks associated with companies implementing IT
  • What are major strategies of minimising risks and difficulties interlinked with IT implementation
  • What are the major benefits of applying Magento in BGK (Musa, 2011)


Information technology has transformed the way companies conduct business. Technology allows businesses to automate manual operations and process information much faster. Although there are many difficulties in implementing IT successfully but it has been perceived that once the project is applied, it provides ultimate and long term benefits. While business technology often is used through personal computers, server storage, and point-of-sale or cash register systems, the major technological advancement is the Internet, which has created new communication forms and other business methods that companies use when processing financial and business information. Magento e-commerce raised area delivers the scalability, flexibility, and structures for business development. It also provides feature-rich e-commerce stages that deliver dealers a complete flexibility and control over the exhibition, content, and functionality of their online network. Therefore, it has been perceived that BGK should not ignore the implementation of Information Technology, as it is nowadays not only a powerful source of future business operations but it is an essential approach to surviving in the competitive market (Davenport, 2013).

Literature Review


Fundamental models of effective IT Implementation

According to Oliveria (2011), there was six-stage model of IT implementation was selected to serve as the foundation because it allows to comprehensively exploring the process of IT implementation from which first four were adopted in this study.


In this first phase through examination by organisation uncovers a problem or an opportunity for improvement. The major emphasis of this phase was to fully understand firm’s internal and external locations. Through analyses of organisational context as well as user context an implementer would ensure that there would be a strong match between the innovation and its possible application in the organisation during the initiation stage, an organisation identifies an opportunity for change and evaluates specific IT solution to engage in. However, no commitment from either potential users or the IT department was made during initiation stage


The main intent of the adoption stage was to ensure organisational backing. This was usually reached through negotiations that aim at achieving the decision necessary for sufficient resources to be available for the implementation effort. To increase the odds of successful implementation, it was crucial to gain early support from key participants including potential IP users and their management.




During this phase, company procedures are revised and new business processes were introduced. So, current practices need to be well understood and new ones need to be structured in a way that would exploit the full potential of the new technology. Initially, the required changes that facilitate appropriate use of technology need to be established and then users need to be trained both in new procedures and in the IT application. The outcome of this phase was that new application becomes available for full use in the organisation. Through this stage new systems and support mechanism were established to promote long-term acceptance and usage of the technology. Strong management support and user participation were critical at this stage.



After all IT implementation was done, organisational members induced to commit to the new IT application. By starting to use technology for the first time, users evaluate its characteristics and ultimately make decisions about whether to continue its use. ___ stated in their research that individual acceptance of IT found facilitating conditions to be a direct determinant of usage behavior. The facilitating conditions defined as the degree to which an individual believes that an organisational and technical infrastructure exists to support the use of the system.

Issues in Information flow Disruptions Associated with IT implementation

Haung (2001)  stated that IT program wasn’t created as a result of child’s recreation and it was developed on powerful Zend framework that makes it different from a typical PHP-based application. The programmers behind IT program wanted it to be highly adaptable due to this reason it was very complex, and if workers were not a good developer and might find it difficult to handle IT program. A typical IT installation calls approximately 10,000 or more than it files. The installation process was quite a burden on server resources. Due to this IT, the program was considered as bulky and slow. Unsurprisingly, this vulnerability was a huge turn-off for the e-store managers. Contrary to that most of the experiences people haven’t find any issues with IT program speed the reason stated behind was that IT program needs continuous maintenance in order to deliver drive for years.

Palvia (2001)argued that some IT program has a lack of documentation. In respond to this IT, program developer said that IT program  is an open-source application with one of the biggest community of online contributors and they have turned IT program into a comprehensive and robust e-Commerce application. In contrast, while IT program kept growing, the community failed to grab the chance of getting everything compiled in an organised manner. Despite several issues with IT program, it was an amazing software , and continuously updating and optimising by website owner the issues faced by company and other state were due to their negligence for important factor such as scalability and caching moreover in order to avoid hassle during program utilisation company must allow experts to handle IT program implementation complexities.


Research Methods

It is important to adopting an applicable research method for this considered proposed study for the reason that it will assist to attain perfect and satisfactory outcomes from all possible manners and support to achieve the set goal and objective of the research. There are two most appropriate research methods that could be used for directing any research study such as qualitative and quantitative methods (Bernard, 2006). In this considered proposed study, the qualitative method is used to collect all possible information. This research is attained by examining and interpreting the all-important data after conducting the interview from the employees and top management of BGK. This approach will assist to attain the information regarding the information system that might be used in order to introduce their products through the internet (Flick, 2011).

 Data Collection

There are two most appropriate ways through which data can be collected for research proposal that are as follows;

Primary Data

Secondary Data

Primary Data

Primary data is the information that can be easily gathered from shortest sources during the process of research. It is considered as firsthand experience and this type of information is collecting by observing people. The investigator will gather primary information as per requirement of the research (Kumar, 2011). This type of data can be collected through Interview, observation, survey and so on. In this considered research proposal, the primary data is collected by conducting interviews with the employees and management of BGK. It would assist the researcher to gathered enough and perfect result to attain the desired goals and objectives of the research (Kuada, 2012).

Secondary Data

Secondary data is a kind of information that can be easily gathered from different sources rather than the original user. This type of data is previously gathered and issued which gives a proper parameter to the researcher. In this research proposal precedent records will be used to contrast existing research and study and then forecast the future based on the assessment. The collection of secondary data is quite a time saving as they are accessible and already observed incorrect statistical reports (Newman, 1998).

Data Analysis

Data analysis is a complete procedure used to change, investigate, and transform the information with the core objective to generate significant data for a research. Data analysis can be performing all the way through different modes as per requirement of the research. It would definitely assist the investigator to attain all relevant information and ultimately attain the desired goals and objectives of the research proposal. Mainly there are two common types of data analysis approaches used quantitative and qualitative (Kumar, 2008).

Quantitative Approach

The quantitative research often used all possible mathematical theories and statistical information to get quality information. It usually consists of experimental investigations of measurable properties and their association. It entails all-important questionnaire that would definitely assist in the process of research survey (Wayne Goddard, 2004).

Qualitative Approach

The qualitative approach comprises of examining and studying the collected information through observing people and taking the valuable views regarding the matter of research. It is one of the most useful approaches that will help to conduct an appropriate research for a proposal. Qualitative approach support to contrast the precedent study with the existing and based on the research the future will be predicted. The qualitative information can be easily collected by conducting interviews (Flick, 2011).

In this considered research proposal, the qualitative approach is used and the information is gathered by conducting interviews from employees and top management of BGK in order to get their views regarding the implementation of Magento.

Benefit Review Plan

A Benefit Review Plan is used to describe exactly how and when a measurement of the accomplishment of the project’s benefits are expected which is made by a senior user of the organisation. The plan is offered to the senior executive throughout the commencing a project procedure, reorganised and updated at each phase boundary, and is further used in the course of the finishing a project development to express any post-project benefits evaluations that are required. The plan has to cover the actions to discover out whether the predictable or probable benefits of the products have been comprehended and by what method the products have performed when in operational use. It has been observed that benefit review plan aims to identify the benefits that are said to be expected after successful implementation.

Due to the lack of technological advancements, BGK was not able to generate higher profits. High competition and strong competitive markets have led BGK to consider applying IT in its business. The Internet has played a significant role in the business industry as it is one of essential tools for marketing. It has rapidly transformed from a countrywide infrastructure network to a universal phenomenon which helps the business to enhance the overall performance of the organisation. Proper configuration Magento Enterprise Edition with the applicable and suitable hardware abilities and software configuration can lead to a substantial enhancement in overall system performance. By the use of Varnish or Nginx as a caching mechanism significantly discharges the application servers from serving dynamic requests. This results in quicker response eras and permits more requests to be processed by the application server (Tohidi, 2011).

One of the major parts of benefit review plan is quality assurance as well as its management which is essential for BGK in order to implement Magento successfully. It will allow BGK to acquire maximum customers as it has been stated that Magento can bring up to 4 million customers at the same time. It not only enhances the customer service but also allows the customer to view and check the wide range of products offered by BGK. In order to measure the efficiency of the project difference of input and output has to be calculated. Although Magento is very expensive but studies have shown that it surely delivers long-term benefits for the organisation. It is necessary to measure that whether the implementation is meeting the new era competition or not. Moreover, it has been observed that it would take approximately one month for the project completion and for this purpose the most competent and highly skilled IT experts are involved in the process.

Magento provides benefits soon after the implementation, which is estimated to initiate within a week or so. The project necessarily requires effective measurement and governance to ensure that there is the correct amount of planning and controlling done. Quality management of the project is continuously performed in order to deliver fruitful services

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