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Is Cildhood Obseity A Form of Abuse

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Is Cildhood Obseity A Form of Abuse

Is Cildhood Obseity A Form of Abuse

Topic:Is Cildhood Obseity A Form of Abuse? This is the outline I. There is a serious problem involving the obesity epidemic and children are becoming its victim; and it`s becoming a public health concern. II. Socioeconomics III. Psychological Impact IV. Legal V. It is the responsibility of parent to lead by example and encourage nutritious/healthier food selections for their children.Topic: Is Childhood Obesity A Form of Abuse? Each student will locate at least 5 scholarly articles that address the topic and provide an annotated bibliography for these articles. An annotated bibliography is a list of citations, each of which is followed by a brief, critical summary (usually 100-200 words) of the work. The annotation is different from an abstract in that is does more than merely summarize, it analyzes citations for quality and relevance to the topic you are researching. For this assignment, DO NOT COPY THE ABSTRACT! Copied abstracts will receive no credit. For this assignment, you are to write analytical (critical) annotations, as this will help you in writing your executive summary. In addition, your citations should follow APA style formatting. Annotations should be alphabetized and contain a description of the source and an analytical critique of the source. Annotations should be between 100-200 words each. Do NOT copy the abstract and submit it as your annotation. Copied abstracts will receive a score of “0”. 1. At least 5 annotated citations 2. Correct application of APA format 3. Quality of descriptive summary for each citation 4. Quality of evaluation for each citation, may include a comment about whether the source is useful for the final project 1. Description of source: Excellent and clear description of the findings of the research 2. Evaluation of source: Excellent and clear critique of the work 2. Mechanics & APA format: No misspellings or grammatical errors in materials
Is Childhood Obesity a Form of Abuse?Name: Course: BEHS-343Annotated Bibliography Instructor: Date: September 23, 2012 Is Childhood Obesity a Form of Abuse?Obesity or unhealthy overweight still proves to be one of the greatest challenges facing the United States` future development and growth. The epidemic has become very dramatic in the country, especially in the southern states. This paper will provide bibliographic analysis of the situation taking into consideration certain societal aspects affected by the condition, for instance, health, socioeconomic, psychological as well as the legal aspect of the condition in children. In addition, the paper will specifically look into the debate on whether childhood obesity is actually a form of childhood abuse. Mayo clinic (2010 March 2). Childhood obesity. Retrieved September 12, 2012 from  HYPERLINK "http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/childhood obesity/DS00698/DSECTION=complications" http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/childhood obesity/DS00698/DSECTION=complicationsThe publication of the website was done by a nonprofit making medical health organization referred to as Mayo Clinic. Its core aim was to provide education to parents on childhood obesity. According to the site, childhood obesity has certain effects that are attributively related to abuse of their rights and freedom as humans. First, it causes type 2 diabetes, which becomes perilous if the condition is not rectified. It can as well result to death of the child. It also causes asthma, which is equally deadly. This implies that obesity denies children the fundamental right to life. From this perspective, childhood obesity is indeed a child abuse since it interferes with their fundamental right to life. Despite the fact that Mayo clinic is an excellent health centre, this article lacks originality, hence it is not convincingly a credible source on abortion.Hills, A., King N., & Byrne N. (2007). Children, obesity and exercise: prevention, treatment, and management of childhood adolescent obesity. New York, NY: Routledge. From;  HYPERLINK "http://emedicine.medscape.com/article/985333-treatment" http://emedicine.medscape.com/article/985333-treatment This is an important source as includes information based...

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Is Cildhood Obseity A Form of Abuse Is Cildhood Obseity A Form of Abuse
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