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[Solved] Interpersonal Dynamics

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[Solved] Interpersonal Dynamics

Interpersonal Dynamics

In this case assignment I want you to read the articel below and then answer the following question. How important is "Listening", both from the speaker`s perspective and the audiences perspective, in order for a speaker to give an "authentic" speech? Morgan, N. (2008). How to Become an Authentic Speaker. Retrieved February 18, 2011, from: http://thesamerowdycrowd.files.wordpress.com/2008/11/harvard-business-review-how-to-become-an-authentic-speaker-november-2008.pdf Please write a 3-4 page paper answering the above question and submit it to CourseNet by the module due date. Assignment Expectations: Reflect on the importance of nonverbal communications with regards to public speaking both from a presenters perspective and from the audience`s perspective. Be sure to do some research on your own and use references to support your answers.
Interpersonal Dynamics Name: Course title: Professor: Institution: Date Due: Communication may be defined as the process by which individuals assign and convey meaning in creating a shared understanding with one another. People exchange information with words, signs or behavior by a process. The communication process requires a broad range of skills in interpersonal and intrapersonal processing, observing, listening, analyzing, evaluating as well as questioning. The utilization of these processes is on developmental basis and is transferable to all occupations; community, home, school and beyond. It is through communication that cooperation and collaboration could be realized (OSPI, p1). Effective communication is hardly taught and more of hardly learned in the society. However, exemplary communications are by no doubt very important in living a life of one`s own design. Effective communication skills include the ability of the sender to communicate messages to the receiver, and have that message effectively replicated in the receiver`s mind. If certain aspects of communication become unclear to the receiver, it is his or her responsibility to clarify the communication by employing the artistic use of questions. The communicator in this aspect accepts the responsibility for the result in the communication. This tran...

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[Solved] Interpersonal Dynamics [Solved] Interpersonal Dynamics
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