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This project involves the development of the remaining sections of an international marketing plan for an actual organization. In this assessment you will build on what you have developed in Asst 3 and complete the remaining sections of a comprehensive international marketing plan. The final document should include your work from Asst 3, revised as necessary, as the first part of the overall plan.

See Project Guide on Interact for details on each section. Students are expected to develop a detailed market entry plan that will involve making decisions on issues such as:

  • Mode of entry;
  • Local partners;
  • Segmentation, targeting, positioning;
  • Strategic options for the 4 Ps (or 7Ps), including the extent of standardization vs. adaptation with respect to domestic or other international marketing plans already in place; and
  • Managing, measuring and controlling the international marketing effort.







High Distinction

Critical analysis skills - This criterion is about describing and evaluating the information found when researching the context

Value 25%

Can present limited reliable evidence supporting the recommendations and some is missing, incorrect or irrelevant.

Can review and present some of the reliable evidence supporting the recommendations but some evidence is missing or incorrect.

Can review and present most of the reliable evidence supporting the recommendations but lacks critical analysis and comparison

Can clearly present the appropriate reliable evidence supporting recommendations with clear evaluations and conclusions

Can critically review and present the appropriate reliable evidence with highly insightful and perceptive comparisons, evaluations and support for recommendations

Application skills

This criterion is about linking theory to a specific context, Value 25%

There is no or limited application of theory to the context or case study

The case study or context was connected briefly to theory.

The case study or context was connected to theory with clear links.

The case study or context was connected to theory with clear, logical and explicit connections

The context is connected to theory with exceptional, logical and meaningful links.

Strategic perspective This is about strategic recommendations for the company Value 10%

No recommendations are made

There were some recommendations, but they are not strategic

There were relevant market recommendations, partly strategic

The recommendations were relevant and strategic

The recommendations were highly relevant and strategic

Realism – This is about practicality/realism in the country context Value 10%

Is not supported or linked to country context

Supported by real world information

Well supported by connections to the real world context

Well supported with explicit connections to the real world context

Realistic and supported with explicit connections to the real world context

Professionalism -This criterion is about the use of professional presentation skills

Value 25%

Poor grammar, spelling, punctuation, concepts were not clear, materials difficult to read - no tables or figures, inconsistency in style and content between sections

Some grammatical errors, sentences were clear and complete, clear structure and formatting, some diagrams, but not explained and only decorative

some inconsistencies in style and content

Minor grammatical errors, sentences were clear and complete, structure and format were used to aid the audience including relevant graphics, style and content are mostly consistent

Free of grammatical errors. Structure and format were clear. Sentences were well constructed.

Language was concise.

Excellent use of relevant graphics

Clear consistency in style and content

Free of grammatical errors. Structure and format were clear, logical and consistent.

Sentences were well constructed. Exceptional use of clearly relevant graphics.

Obvious consistency in style and content, with relevant links between sections

Referencing Skills

This criterion is about the application of APA referencing Value 5%

There was limited or no attempt at in text or end of text referencing

There was an attempt to apply referencing, but style and application were inconsistent

There was consistent style, but application was not consistent, with some errors

The style is consistent throughout the text and end reference list. Application was still inconsistent with some points remaining unreferenced.

Both in-text and reference list were consistent in terms of style and application of APA referencing

The major project will expect in-depth engagement with relevant international marketing knowledge and will help students build skills required for work in this expanding field.

This assessment has been designed to:

  • Demonstrate the application of the knowledge gained in the subject to the development of strategies and marketing mix elements in an international market;
  • Allow you to develop your information searching and critical thinking skills; and provide you with further experience in academic writing;


The final report should not exceed 4,500 words (1.5 line space, 11/12 font), excluding Asst 3 sections, (Reference list, Executive Summary and Appendices are not included in word count). The emphasis is not on bulk writing but clearly expressed and supported arguments, as well as creative ideas. Bullet points, diagrams and graphs are encouraged. Make sure the report is a coherent argument from start to finish. You should not leave the reader to make inferences from what you have written. This means that the theory and data you use to support your points should be made explicit. As well, you must include detailed supplementary material in appendices to support the analysis presented in your plan. Students are expected to acknowledge the source of ideas and expressions used in all academic work. Failure to do so may constitute plagiarism and academic misconduct.

Your assignment should be free of colloquial language and spelling, grammatical and typographical errors. Repeated errors of this kind will be penalized. Please provide generous margins (>2cm) and 11/12pt font in your assignment, number every page, make sure and include a cover sheet, title page with student details, and a table of contents (none of which is included in the word limit). Assignments must follow the specified page length. Writing within a specified limit is a skill. Assignments over the limit may have marks deducted and/or all extra material beyond 4000 words will be ignored.

An ideal assignment is your opinion, supported by evidence from respected/reliable sources, expressed in your own words, and fully referenced as to the source of ideas, facts and quotations. ‘In your own words’ is critical in displaying your understanding of the material, rather than being expert at copy and paste.

Use Turnitin to check that you have fully paraphrased all your material. Any Turnitin result >15% (excluding reference list) suggests that you have over used other people’s words. Revise, and resubmit your paper to Turnitin.

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