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[Solved] International Knowledge Network and the Global English Language

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[Solved] International Knowledge Network and the Global English Language

International Knowledge Network and the Global English Language

The reason for a language`s being a global language has little to do with the number of people who speak it. It has much to do with who the speakers are. When they succeed on the international stage, their language succeeds with them. Link the present world status of English to the expansion of British colonial power in the 19th century and the economic power of the USA in most of the 20th century, and discuss the implications for your everyday work.
International Knowledge Network and The Global English LanguageNameInstitutionIntroductionFor several decades, the use and growth of English as a primary language for the world has obviously been continuing (Harris, 2001). Without a doubt, English is the actual universal language. English is the second largest native language of the world, the official language of approximately seventy countries, and the countries that speak English are responsible for around 40% of the GNP of the world (Ostler, 2005). Among educated people and scholars, English can be understood almost everywhere since it is the language of world media and the language of TV, cinema, the computer world and pop music. All around this globe, individuals know most English words, their meaning and pronunciation. The roots of this universality are known very well and understandable (Hejazi, 2011). The spread of English began in the 16th century with the British Empire and in 20th century, it was strongly reinforced by the world domination of the United States in political, military and economic aspects, not forgetting the mighty influence of American movies. This concept of universal language is more considerable only now, in this period of world mass communication. Before we entered this era, Latin, French and Greek were somehow universal languages, although mainly in Europe. The aim of this paper is to link the present global status of English to the expansion of the colonial power of Britain in the 19th century, link it with the economic power of the United States and discuss its implications in my everyday work (Hejazi, 2011).A language acquires a global status once it develops an exceptional role, which every country recognizes. Britain had become a leading trading and industrial country in the first few years of the nineteenth century (Mufwene & Salikoko, 2001). By the end of that century, the United States` population (then approaching one hundred million) was bigger than that of any Western European country, and their economy was the fastest growing and most productive in the world. The political imperialism of the British had conveyed English around the world, in the 19th century, so that it became a language ‘whereby the sun never sets`. In the 20th century, this worldwide presence was promoted and maintained almost single-handedly by the economic might of the American superpower. Politics were replaced by economics as the main driving force and English was the language behind the United States dollar (Crystal, 2003).The history of English can be divided into three parts: Modern English, Middle English and Old English (Mufwene & Salikoko, 2001). The tripartite system draws attention to certain events in the history of Britain- particularly the Norman invasion that heralded the quick ‘frenchification` of English, and, later, the gathering of religious, economic and political developments that surrounded the appearance of Britain like a modern nation-state (Ostl...

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[Solved] International Knowledge Network and the Global English Language [Solved] International Knowledge Network and the Global English Language
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