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International Fashion Promotion

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International Fashion Promotion

Assessment Task:

Your Brief has been set by senior industry professional, Jennifer Minard: Digital Strategy Consultant, London UK.

Task: Visually present a professional 2,500-word Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy proposal for Graduate Fashion Week 2017. Your 2,500-word report will demonstrate analysis of the value of digital communications channels for this defined market and consumer segment and on the basis of this analysis you will propose a digital marketing strategy for this defined market and consumer segment.

Unit Brief Summary: This unit will enable students to evaluate the digital marketing environment and consider the way that consumers engage with this form of brand communication. Lectures and case study analysis will enable review of brand practice across market levels

Unit Indicative Content: Marketing strategy: developing strategic objectives, reviewing strategic objectives. The digital marketing environment: digital marketing platforms, digital communication channels e.g. email, social media, social networks, mobile applications. The consumer interface: consumer interaction, consumer networks, online consumer behaviour.

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International Fashion Promotion International Fashion Promotion
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