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Intelligent heart recommendation system

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Intelligent heart recommendation system

Alternative project 1 - Intelligent heart recommendation system

Students can choose this project as an alternative to creating their own. The deliverables are as specified in the instructions below and are expected to be implemented in accordance to the three assignment specifications, should a student choose this alternative project.  This alternative project is obligation free, meaning that students do not have to do this and can choose or design their own project.  This project must be implemented in accordance to the requirements of the assignment specifications.

  1. Major system functionality

Students are to develop a management and recommendation system for heart failure patients to simulate the remote home-based monitoring environment. The system is called Intelligent Recommendation System (IRS) for heart failure patients.  While it is envisage that the heart rate would be taken at a remote location, the data would be entered manually into this system.

  1. Management of patient’s basic information such as name, gender, date of birth, and address, etc. You can include other reasonable attributes into the system. Functions such as displaying, searching, and updating (insertion and deletion) of patient basic information however, need to be implemented.
  2. A recommendation function is based on the heart rate information of the patients. This function will provide patients with recommendations as to whether they need to take the heart rate test or not on a given day base in the observed heart rate over the past few days.
  3. Recommendation algorithm

Patients would take the heart rate test and the readings would be manually entered into the system which then calculates the recommendation.

The heart rate is by nature a time-series data. A sample data file containing the initial 10-day heart rate readings of three patients is provided in a separate spreadsheet provided to you. A heart rate reading is considered abnormal if the value is higher than the maximum normal (100) value or lower than the minimum (60) normal value. 

Students can utilize the sample data set and add more heart rate data and more patients to create a richer source of data.

Note that the heart rate data should also be stored in a database like the basic patient information.

In order to decide whether a particular patient (for example James Jackson) needs to take the heart rate test today, we need to look at James` rating for the past k days, where k is a user-specified parameter for deciding the time window.

If we find that James satisfies both of the following two conditions, then he does not need to take the test today, and a recommendation of "no test needed" is generated:

  1. James has taken the heart rate test for no less thanp% of the past k days (p is another human specified parameter, op
  2. all of them are normal.

The message of "no test needed" will be displayed on the interface and stored into the database for James` record today. Otherwise, a recommendation of "test required" is generated and the system awaits James` reading for today which is input by the human user through the interface. The reading is then stored in the database.

In summary, there are four (4) parameters to be used for the recommendation algorithm. Two of them are the minimum (min) and maximum (max) normal values for heart rate. The third one is the length of time window and the final one is p. The values of all the parameters are specified by human users.

The user interface should allow the input and change of the parameter values. It is desirable that the system can provide some default values of those parameters for all the patients. The default values should be specified by users. When loading the interface for a particular patient for the first time, the default values will appear in the text boxes for the four parameters. The default values can be the same across all the patients. However, the parameter values can be changed by simply updating the default values in their text boxes to some patient-specific values which can be save into the system for future use. When the interface is loaded next time, the patient-specific values, instead of the default values, will be loaded for different patients. The values can be reset to their default values as well by simply clicking the "reset" button.

Besides the recommendation function, a display function should be developed in order to display the historical heart rate readings based on a particular time window specified by the users in possibly different ways such as from 01/01/2017 to 10/01/2017 or the past 7 days.

  1. Other system components

To support the delivery of the two major functions, the system will need to have the following components:

  1. Graphical User Interface (GUI). The system needs to have a graphical interface developed solely using Java for facilitating human users to interact with the system. The interface is supposed to be user-friendly and encompass the functionalities to be delivered.
  2.  the system will need to use a database to store the patient`s basic information and the daily heart rte information. The connection of the application program and the back-end database needs to be established using Java.
  3. Evaluation of this alternative project 

The system should be developed in accordance of the requirements of the three assignment specifications of this course, which means the full project proposal, progress report (Assignment 1) and the Final project report.  The development must be in accordance with these three assignment specifications.

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 Intelligent heart recommendation system Intelligent heart recommendation system
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