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[Solved] Innovation

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[Solved] Innovation



2 page paper to evaluate personal strengths and opportunities to develop as an innovative DNP leader. Your paper will include a discussion of your 1. Current strengths as a leader and innovator, including your personal philosophy and plan to apply and advance those skills in your scholarly project ( my project is use of mobile app to Improving Medication Adherence Among Hypertensive African American Males in a private medical clinic in los Angeles ) and in the DNP role looking ahead to future professional activities. 2. You will also discuss areas of opportunity to develop innovation and leadership qualities that are not presently strengths, and plans for creating those opportunities in the DNP role.

InnovationName:Course:Instructor:Date: Personal strengthsHypertension is a growing problem among African American Males, and lack of medical adherence leads to medical complications among these patients. Easy access to mobile phones is an opportunity that should be exploited, as this would facilitate self-management. As an innovator and DNP leader, I have good communication skills. When communication is effective, then people are likely to see leadership as effective, and innovators need to convince people on the need for innovation. I am well placed to communicate with patients, while also adhering to evidence based practice. Furthermore, as a DNP leader I am well placed to offer interdisciplinary collaboration and communication with patients and health care professionals as stated by (Renaud et al., 2012). Equally, as a visionary leader I will set achievable goals to staff, as well as follows up on the innovation process.Opportunities to develop as an innovative DNP leader. Being a facilitator also helps to improve on leadership, innovation and communication to patients and fellow nurses. Being a facilitator also ...

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[Solved] Innovation [Solved] Innovation
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