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[Solved] Information technology tools used by health care profesionals

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[Solved] Information technology tools used by health care profesionals

Information technology tools used by health care profesionals

The research paper will be a paper that you will write. There are two parts that need to be done. In the first part, you have to interview any medical professional who is using Information Technology as a professional tool. This could be a doctor, or a nurse, or a pharmacist or any other health care professional. Ask him about his experience with the IT tool. In the second part, you have to research the internet and collect more information about the tool that you were told about in the interview. This secondary research will cover aspects like cost, benefits etc. that are specific to the tool. Finally, bring it all together and write a 3-4 pages paper outling the tool and the jist of the interview.
Information Technology Tools Used By Health Care ProfessionalsName:Institution:In an interview with a medical officer from a regional hospital, it emerged that, in the past the health facilities have been sluggish in establishing information systems in hospitals as an investment. In the recent past, though there has been remarkable improvement in the area after realization of the benefits that accrue from the kind of advancements. According to the officer, the integration provides a world of information, which is crucial with the ever-evolving diseases and the information coming forth from research. Today the incorporation of information technological tools in the health sector refers to as health informatics. However, it is vital that the officers involved have the ability to discern the correct information from the vast amounts of information available. It is also in order, to change the medical practices as the information available has updates (Ocasio, 2012). These changed practices must then provide improved results relative to the ones that came before the new information. In essence, the new information, which is presumably better, should yield better results in medicine as it is now possible to make highly informed decisions. Making better choices ties to the evidence found, with respect to medical practice in question. In three phases, the practicing officers should know what he has to do as they have immensely benefitted from the information to make precise decisions. Since they can recognize the problem, they can then draw from the best practices to do what is required of them. Finally, the office should highly understand the outcomes, drawing from the new wealth of information on better choices and results. For this information to make the efforts worthwhile, its provision with utmost convenience, with any form of discrimination among the various social-cultural groups (Hayward, 2012). Information technology and electronic patients` recordsTechnology finds it way in every field, trying to make easier how various processes run. T...

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[Solved] Information technology tools used by health care profesionals [Solved] Information technology tools used by health care profesionals
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