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Information Communication Instrument

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Information Communication Instrument

Information Communication Instrument


Information Communication Instrument

Design a brochure, information sheet, blog, website, or other means of communicating information to assist parents of children who have specific disabilities with finding special education resources and organizations in your area. Assume you are an inclusive teacher at a primary, middle, or secondary school, with an interest in one of the following disabilities:

• Autism

• Asperger’s syndrome

• Deaf and hard of hearing

• Down syndrome

• Emotional and behavior disorders

• Independent varying exceptionalities

• Intellectually disabled

• Specific learning disabilities

• Speech disorders

• Supported varying exceptionalities

• Visually impaired

• Other, if approved by your instructor

Conduct an Internet search for your state’s department of education website.

Locate the standards that must be taught in the classroom to all students, inclusive, in your state.

Find resources, based on expected standards, for parents to access that will help them cope with their child’s disability and will help improve the quality of their child’s education. 

Include information about the following in your communication instrument:

• Therapists

• Doctors

• Social activities

• Advocacy groups

• Support groups

• Adaptive technology

• Other

Share your communication instrument with colleagues in the class.

This is the example of this assignment. 


(Greater Philadelphia area)

Are you looking for support and information regarding Autism in the Philadelphia area? Look no further. This information packet is available to anyone interested in learning more about children who have autism and to assist with finding special education resources and organizations in the area.

My name is Brenda Bates and I am a special education teacher in Bucks County Pa. I teach in an alternative school specializing in Autism. I have compiled a list of resources to help guide and support you and your child.

Pennsylvania Dept. of Education- www.education.state.pa.us 

This site should be your first stop. It offers a multitude of information including the state standards that must be taught in the classroom to all students. 

Next, under this same site, if you click on the special education tab, there is a wealth of information regarding parent education and advocacy. The site I found most interesting was The Peal Center (www.pealcenter.org)))

The PEAL Center is an organization of parents of children with special health care needs and disabilities reaching out to assist:

-Families of children with disabilities or special health care needs

-Professionals and others who assist children with disabilities or special health care needs

-Children, youth and young adults with disabilities or special health care needs ages 0-26.

They are offering a workshop called The 9th Annual Inclusive Communities Conference-March 25, 2015 to all those interested.

There are various other web sites and help lines in the Philadelphia area to assist you. Here are a few:

Consult Line- 1-800-879-2301 or http://odrpa.org/contact-consultline/

Autism support- www.asaphilly.org/resources.php


Autism Support Groups:



I hope you have found this information to be helpful.


Information Communication Instrument Name Institution Down syndrome Information for Parents If you are living within Stanford area and looking for Down syndrome services, this information can be obtained from Lucile Packard children’s hospital. The hospital is among the few children’s specialist hospitals offering these services. Each and every child with Down syndrome will be assisted to enable him function independently in reg


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Information Communication Instrument Information Communication Instrument
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