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[Solved] Inequality and Conflict and Social Justice

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[Solved] Inequality and Conflict and Social Justice

Inequality and Conflict and Social Justice

Gender and Ineguality type of paper:Think pieces Sources: 1. McMullin, Chapter 3 (Text) 2. Goodwin, “Feminism.” In Using Political Ideas (CR) These are short essays which will give you an opportunity to demonstrate that you have read and thought about the assigned readings. Mostly, they are meant to provide you with an opportunity to explore your own ideas on the course material and further enrich your class contributions. Though there is no set formula for a successful think piece, it is essential that you focus on analyzing rather than summarizing readings. For example, you may wish to make analytical links between readings, discuss readings in relation to past or ongoing conflicts, and/or explain why you are for or against an author`s particular theory or idea. Each think piece should be 2 double-spaced pages in length (approximately 600 words)
INEQUALITY AND CONFLICT AND SOCIAL JUSTICEName:Course:Professor Name:(January 29, 2012) Inequality and Conflict and Social JusticeInequality one of the common vices in the modern 21st century where the oppression in terms of age, sex, race, ethnicity and political affiliations are still common throughout the world. This is a trend which is even worse off in the third world developing countries in the world majorly in Asia and Africa. Income related inequalities and uneven distribution of property have seen a huge gap between the rich and the poor and has accelerated the rate of crime in some areas (Goodwin, 2007). It shows a tremendous regress to social justice as the systems get to favor the well of rather have a system where they rich get richer and poor poorer making it hard for the latter to get out of the misery.Gender inequality has been seen from time in memorial as seen in religion where in the bible it was not possible for the women to go to the temple or become priest. Their roles were well defined as inferior especially showing that in the books, God is deemed to be male that society leaning to that line. In leadership roles, almost ...

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[Solved] Inequality and Conflict and Social Justice [Solved] Inequality and Conflict and Social Justice
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