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Industrialization and class

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Industrialization and class

Industrialization and class

The essay will require you to support your argument with one or two research sources. The source could be a book of literary criticism, or an article from a scholarly database. I would suggest beginning your research with either JSTOR or Academic Search Premier. By reading the work of other literary scholars, you are entering into a dialogue with other thinkers. You are not simply reporting on their interpretations, but engaging them, using their insights to support or defend your own. Critique. Choose one text which is "The Masque of the Red Death" and describe how it critiques or challenges dominant culture. Consider the various theoretical critiques we have discussed: Feminist Theory, Queer Theory, Marxist Criticism, Postcolonial and Ethnic Studies. How does the text put pressure on our ideas of what is normal? Who has power in the text? How does power operate? Have to include during this time period of 1845, what was happening to industrialization and class in Europe, Relate historical context with the story, and how can society and people relate and represent to this story?
Name: Course Name:Instructor`s Name:Date of Submission:Industrialization and ClassIntroductionThesis statementEdgar Allan Poe`s short story, “The Masque of the Red Death”, challenged the power of the dominant society by comparing the main character and the Red Death if the whole society class functions of power; and the thesis statement resonating with ultimate holder of power. Industrialization is a terminology that is applied to mean the development of industries to considerable scale. Industrialization has an influence on the social structures. Today people enjoy the high living standards basing on the industrial revolution. There is human suffering attached to the industrial revolution in the transformation of countries. It is affected in models to urbanize the rural settings. The influence of industrialization has created challenges in social structures, working conditions and the living conditions. The earlier cities were built shoddily characterized with tenement houses with crowded people. The cities were poorly lit and had narrow streets. Clean water and sanitation were a challenge. The rich had the priority of the good life which was reserved for the few. Open sewers was the order of the day with them running down the streets carrying sewage water fouled by human waste and industrial waste, this sparked diseases such as typhoid, tuberculosis, cholera, typhus and other water and air borne diseases. Malnutrition and air pollution was the order of the day. Social structures models developed by industrialization led to challenges resonating with drug abuse, alcoholism, prostitution and crime among other negative social aspects. The Masque of the Red Death is set in a country considered fictional (Cary 76). Red Death plagues are actually a disease that causes the victims to die gruesomely and fast. The disease is spreading rampantly within the society a condition that the prince and Prospero feel hopeful and happy. The prince closes the doors of the palac...

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Industrialization and class Industrialization and class
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