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[Solved] In praise of the F word

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[Solved] In praise of the F word

In praise of the F word

"In Praise of the F word", by Mary Sherry is related to education which is what builds a persons character. The idea of how failure is no reason when there is something at stake is something that I would absolutely go in depth about. We should push our youth towards success and make them work with the help of teacher`s even parents for a more successful generation with no limits, no impossible. The reason I went with this topic was because of the way it appealed to me. It talks about how the youth and coming generations are not getting the proper education. The reason why people rise above the problems they have to achieve their final goal. How I went through all she said and the way it pulled me as a topic of interest was due to her style. I enjoyed the essay very much because I felt like I was being talked to. Everything was related to me as if she knew what I went through and that I would understand. The thing that really makes this essay good is that the approach is on a level that is with you. The reader tries to write in a way that would pull our attention towards the topic and deliver the point directly just plain simple. I literally went through all she said and completely get her every point that she is trying to make. In addition I also loved the way she thinks and how she chose a topic of great deal. The author did really nice on introducing the topic with her reasoning`s; I mean it makes perfect sense. There are many things that I do not understand. However, when it comes to this topic I could say I have been through it all as I have failed back in school and had so much trouble building myself from zero again. I truly believe that education is the key to building a person and that nothing comes easy so education is knowledge, it is power because you can always outsmart muscle with brains. The author starts with logic making you know that it is right by common sense and she includes many examples in an emotional way. For example, she mentions how she just was to flunk a student because he always sits back and talks doing nothing but why not move him to the front row. The teacher simply said, “I don`t move seniors, I flunk them”. The student simply put English his priority and got an A and this is what caught me by the hook for me to choose this topic. Please build up and work on what i have written shown up and please check attachments
IN PRAISE OF THE F WORDNameInstitution AffiliationCourseDate of Submission Article CritiqueThe article “In Praise of the F word” by marry sherry is related to learning as a tool that builds the character of every person. The article provides the idea of students` failure as not being a reason, when there are things at stake that must be dealt with in depth. For the youth to move toward success in their future life there is a need to push them in their learning from both the teacher and the parents to ensure a generation that has no limits. The article is discusses the reality in which students pass their exams and receives their diplomas even though there are those who do not know how to read. It highlights how, most students afterwards feel that they have been cheated by the current education system, as the academic environment allowed them to graduate even when unprepared to face the next sphere of life more specifically the high school graduates. This is because most of the youths have not matured enough ...

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[Solved] In praise of the F word [Solved] In praise of the F word
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