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Impacts of Disney movies on society

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Impacts of Disney movies on society

Impacts of Disney movies on society

write a research paper arguing for one side of a debatable topic associated with marriage, divorce, and the changing character of families and individuals. Main topic: Disney`s classical movies have been brainwashing kids over the last 75 years (since the release of its first classic `Snow White` in 1937) about the ideas of love at first sight, perfect marriages, all women are princesses and men are prince charming, kids are an IMMEDIATE necessity, marriage comes and live happily ever after, no such thing as divorce, women`s goals are all the same of finding their prince, having children, and being good housewives, love is based on physical appearance and that is enough for a successful relationship(also causing the society to be shallow). As a result, kids grow up with these ideas in mind and find that nothing is meeting their expectation like disney taught them. Relationships aren`t that easy like disney depicted. Disney is setting a certain fairy-tale-standard that as a result people aren`t able to keep up with these standards and so end their relationships or get a divorce. Discuss how disney distorts the society by promoting love at first sight, and shallowness because physical appearance is enough to get what you want. Discuss how disney affects kids with its ideas, then how these ideas get imbedded in their subconscious that they grow up looking for these fairy tales in real world. How marriages these days aren`t as easy as Snow white`s, or Ariel from the little mermaid. How Love from the first sight like Cinderella`s or Pocahontas` rarely leads to a successful relationship like theirs. How people end up divorcing because women`s goals are way past the good-housewife phase, they are getting jobs now. Children don`t always come right after marriage and marriage does not come right after first love. Discuss how today`s society is far from a perfect fairy tale. How life is tough and a successful marriage takes more work and effort than what we see in these classics. The last few sentences of the intro has to have a clear thesis statement. the intro has to be a powerful one summarizing the main points that the paper will talk about. Each paragraph in the body has to have a TOPIC SENTENCE. They have to relate and flow together. The conclusion also has to be powerful. Avoid repetition and run-on sentences. Pay attention to proper punctuation, grammar and sentence structure, and spelling. Even though the topic has a lot of points to talk about, FOCUS ON MARRIAGE AND DIVORCE HOW DISNEY PROMOTES THEM AND THEN HOW IT IS HARD FOR PEOPLE TO APPLY DISNEY`S BELIEFS IN TODAY`S WORLD. FOCUS ON HOW DISNEY NEEDS TO CHANGE IT`S CONCEPTS TO SUIT TODAY`S WORLD BECAUSE ITS OLD-FASHIONED ONES ARE NOT BENEFITTING AT ALL, IF ANYTHING THEY ARE CAUSING HARM TO MARRIAGES. Please use online sources only and in the reference paper put in the websites addresses. Here are some sources you have to choose from to use in the paper. You can use your own but have to put in the website address. http://www.revelife.com/737796567/fairy-tale-or-the-great-disney-divorce/ http://www.helium.com/items/1458472-disney-love-lessons http://withalliamgod.wordpress.com/2012/01/27/poem-sex-marriage-fairytales/ http://digitalcommons.mcmaster.ca/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1005&context=cmst_grad_research&sei-redir=1&referer=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com%2Furl%3Fsa%3Dt%26rct%3Dj%26q%3Ddoes%2520disney%2520movies%27%2520promotion%2520of%2520%27love%2520at%2520first%2520sight%27%2520illustrates%2520a%2520shallow%2520society%2520focusing%2520on%2520physical%2520appearance%26source%3Dweb%26cd%3D1%26ved%3D0CCMQFjAA%26url%3Dhttp%253A%252F%252Fdigitalcommons.mcmaster.ca%252Fcgi%252Fviewcontent.cgi%253Farticle%253D1005%2526context%253Dcmst_grad_research%26ei%3Dgr-VT6WNDaeV6AGd1cSuBA%26usg%3DAFQjCNF166ddZAralSe0ExSsgHOCQ4lA2Q#search=%22does%20disney%20movies%20promotion%20love%20first%20sight%20illustrates%20shallow%20society%20focusing%20physical%20appearance%22 http://www.sjsu.edu/people/maureen.smith/courses/ChAD75/s1/Disney%20Couples.pdf http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1300/j086v15n04_02 http://www.cios.org/EJCPUBLIC/017/3/01735.HTML
Impacts of Disney movies on societyStudent name:Student Number:School name:IntroductionThis research paper analyses the effects of Disney movie of the society today. It starts by analyzing the general overview of Disney movies, has it evolved over the tears and their impacts on the children and the modern society today. The racial and negative ethnicity propagated by Disney movies into the minds of kids has been discussed. The review of previous studies on Disney films have been in the second section of this research which gives the researcher a clear understanding of Disney cultures and which formed the basis this paper will adopted.The paper then analyses the impact of Disney culture on marriage, divorce and family as experienced in the family today. A combination of literatures and the current family and marriage experiences are used to deduce the role and contribution of Disney movies to scenarios the present families are exhibiting. The paper finally gives the conclusions and recommendation which are useful to all stakeholders in this research.overview of Disney movies Disney Corporation has been a darling to many kids since 1930s. The corporation is engaged in production of Disney movies for children which have been brainwashing and captivating children for over seven decades now, exciting them with beautiful love stories like Cinderella, the little mermaid, snow white, and seven Dwarfs among other Disney thrilling tales. All theses have indeed fascinated generations of little girls by giving them dreams of growing up beautiful and find their prince and live a happy life, (Hurley, 2005).These ideas have been held by many people into their adulthood, a time when the reality of life sets in and the lessons of Disney films turns sour. Accordingly, not a single person has been flawless as characters depicted in Disney films. However, the effects of Disney movies on children and impacts on their later life after childhood are equally enormous. In real life, so m...

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Impacts of Disney movies on society Impacts of Disney movies on society
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