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Impact of Military Bases on Local Communities

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Impact of Military Bases on Local Communities

Impact of Military Bases on Local Communities

Research Paper Question How does the development and existence of U.S. Military bases impact local communities within the United States? Include both positive and negative impacts. Conclude by picking a side to whether bases are overall positive or negative to communities. Use the Thesis provided below. Research Paper Thesis Military bases play positive and negative roles on communities within the United States by increasing local revenue, increasing population, military conflicts of interest, and non-military domestic disturbances. Formatting • Double-space your paper, with 1-inch margins on top, bottom and sides. • Do not use a cover sheet. Place your name, the course name and number, and the date in the upper left corner, skip one inch, and center the title of the paper. • Double-space, indent, and begin your text below the title. Indent the first line of each paragraph, and do not right-justify or skip lines between paragraphs. • Your Works Cited or References page should follow the format specified by either MLA style. Research and Writing Approach • Select your area and topic. • Select at least 5 reliable sources (or more) as the basis for information you will draw on in your writing. These may be sources you cited in your preliminary list, or you may add and/or substitute others that you have found as you explored the literature in your area. Only reliable, scholarly web sites are acceptable as references. Wikipedia is not considered a reliable or scholarly web site. • In your paper, state the thesis – the point of view – that has evolved from your research and that your paper will support. • In each article or book that you have selected, identify the major issues and the points that the particular author makes about these issues. Give serious thought to how these points support or conflict with your initial thesis and how they relate to the research question you have formatted. • Then write the first draft of your paper. Remember that you are focusing on the issues, not on each article separately. Therefore, do not organize your paper article by article: it should be organized issue by issue. Organization Your paper should employ the following organizational structure: • Identify the central issue. • Discuss the central issue by using the source readings to explain the points of view surrounding the central issue and the stance that each particular author takes or the contribution that he or she makes to the debate. • Organize your paper to discuss each sub-issue (your supporting points) in some kind of order. For example, you might present your ideas from most important to least, or by areas of lesser to greater controversy. You will need to devote at least one paragraph, and probably more, to defining each subsidiary issue and discussing the various viewpoints concerning it. Incorporate your explanation of the opinions and ideas in the research articles, either as supporting or conflicting evidence. • Conclude what answer the results of your research have given to your research question. This answer should represent your own reasoned point of view, based on the information you discovered during your research. Using Sources • You will be using the source articles for information to enable you to reach your own conclusion. Your sources may not all agree. When this happens, it is better to acknowledge the disagreement in your paper and then provide enough evidence from your sources to demonstrate why your interpretation is appropriate. • Your references to the source articles should be primarily in your own words, or using short quotations from the source materials. Each source of information must be identified using in-text citation format. • Each source referenced in your paper must appear in the Works Cited or References page at the end of the paper. Entries in this page must be in correct MLA format.
[Name][Course Title][Instructor Name][Date]Impact of Military Bases on Local CommunitiesA military base can be defined as a facility, arrangement, reservation or a system that shelter military equipment and personnel. The military bases are available in every country of the world in order to support and protect the military equipments and for the protection of personnel as well as country CITATION Luí09 m Dav99 l 1033 (Rodrigues and Glebov; Warren, Holman and Harvey). Likewise, in every country, this military base has significant impacts that could not be overlooked. Concerning this, this paper is composed particularly in the area of United States military bases and its impacts on local communities of United States in order to determine both negative and positive impacts. For this purpose, a thesis statement is developed for the study that is given below:"Military bases play positive and negative roles on communities within the United States by increasing local revenue, increasing population, military conflicts of interest, and non-military domestic disturbances."Based on the above thesis statement, the paper is composed by making detailed research and provides effective and real facts assess the outcomes of the study that could be either positive or negative. The study will analyze from different angles, the implications of US military forces on the members of local communities. At last, conclusion is included in this paper along the final comments that could be either in the favor or against of the key research topic or thesis statement.The role of military in the development and growth of the country is significant since presence of military bases is one of the factors that influence a number of factors and areas near to it. Likewise, in the United States, there are number of military bases located in local communities, which are influencing on various aspects in terms of social, economic, and political areas. There are number of researches and studies conducted to determine the ways and areas that could influenced by the military bases. In the same way, in United States the significant impact of military bases on the local American communities can be observed since the history of America concerning to military bases is full of real facts and realities CITATION Dav99 l 1033 m Ann04 m Dav99 m Jan09(Warren, Holman and Harvey; Baker; Warren, Holman and Harvey; Radway, Gaines and Shank).When it comes to analyze the impacts of the US, military bases on the local communities of the United States, there are number of facts identified. These facts are both in the favor and against of local communities of the United States, which determined that the US military bases have been influencing local communities of United States in both negative and positive CITATION Mic96 l 1033 (Michael Dardia; Rand Corporation; National Defense Research Institute (U.S.)). These positive and negative impacts of US military on the local communities of Unite...

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Impact of Military Bases on Local Communities Impact of Military Bases on Local Communities
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