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Dear writer, Below you would find an assignment instructions provided from my professor to do an evaluation design paper, I have spoken with Ashley an she said that the writers are capable of doing an evaluation design paper, so the research question that I am giving you to work on is the following: 1: the topic of interest is advertising. 2: Being a resident in the city of Los Angeles it seems vital for me to examine this problem, as well as to decide for myself whether this topic is a problem. It goes without saying that the United States is the leading hub of the worlds production, servicing and awareness practice, Recently I have been noticing a lot of questionable adverts around me. 3: my question is Should certain kinds of ads be banned in the interest of health/morality/annoyance – alcohol, cigarettes, prescription meds, etc…? Proffessor instructions: Draft Evaluation Design: Students are required to develop a 5-7 page paper that presents options for researching the issue and a recommended evaluation design. This paper should include the following: 1. The research question and/or purpose of the evaluation. This section should also include a discussion of the dependent, independent and control variables and provide operation definitions of each. 2. The research design that should be used and a justification for the chosen design. This description should go beyond merely qualitative or quantitative and should identify and discuss a specific type of research design (e.g., Classic Experimental Design, etc.). 3. The sampling design that should be used and a justification for the chosen design. 4. The data collection methodology that should be used to collect the data that will answer the research question. The methodology should emphasize if the data are qualitative, quantitative, or mixed. Note: I am going to paste the types of evaluation design for you to choose from to use freely in this paper, but please let me know which one you will be using--- Types of Designs Experimental Designs – Random Assignment •Classical Design R O X O R O O Advantages Disadvantages Experimental Designs (cont`d) •Solomon Four Group •R O X O •R O O •R X O •R O •Advantages •Disadvantages Post Test Only •R X O •R O •Advantages •Disadvantages Quasi-Experimental Designs – Self Selection •Why? •1. Legal •2. Ethical •3. Practical •Self selection •Difficult to find comparison groups •Politics •4. Difficult to apply treatments in same way Disadvantages of Quasi-Experimental Designs •Reliability and validity of indicators •Variation in implementation •Contextual factors •Non-equivalency of experimental and control groups Loading... Types of Quasi-Experimental Designs •Longitudinal Time Series •O X O O O O •O O O O O •Advantages •Disadvantages •Comparison Group Pre-Test Post-Test •O X O •O O •Advantages •Disadvantages How To Choose Quasi-Experimental Designs •1. When did evaluation begin? •2. When will the evaluation end? •3. What types of control groups? •4. Will a focus on the process be included? •5. Quantitative, Qualitative, or Mixed Methods
Running Head: IMPACT OF ALCOHOL AND TOBACCO ADVERTISINGImpact of Alcohol and Tobacco Advertising on Secondary School Students[Name of the Writer][Name of the Institution]Impact of Alcohol and Tobacco Advertising on Secondary School StudentsResearch DesignPurpose of the studyThe purpose of this paper is to outline alcohol and tobacco industry marketing practices directed at youth and to provide policy recommendations to restrict these targeting efforts and to assess should alcohol and tobacco advertisements be banned in the interest of citizens` health?The quasi experimental design will be used to carry out the research. The most important good point of a quasi experimental design is that, it is logistically easy to conduct and it gives a chance to compare results with control group. This is a most important plus point as it gives an idea to the researcher to make assumptions about the potential existence of a cause and effect relationship of a conduct. Quasi Experimental design is considered as the most precise form of experimental research, carried out to find cause and effect using mathematical and statistical tools. Though experiments are fairly useful in explaining cause and effect relationships, they also possess a number of disadvantages. That are, potential for Non-Equivalent Groups as it does not include randomized selection of participants which inturn develops possibility of low internal validity. Hence, utilization of non- equivalent groups, makes it difficult to evaluate if a particular conduct was the main reason causing change.In a study, control variables are the things that do not change, independent variables are the causes or inputs and dependent variables are output or effects of something. In this study our sample of students will serve as control variable, tobacco and alcohol advertisements will serve as independent variables, whereas the impact of these advertisements on our sample population will serve as dependent variables.MethodologyThis study will be carried out on 30 students of a secondary school of Los Angeles of which 15 are smokers and 15 are not. All the respondents must be 15 years or above. A questionnaire containing 8 questions related to students` opinions about alcohol and tobacco adverts on the television will be distributed. Hence, this study will serve as a qualitative or exploratory research, carried out to understand underlying reasons, views, and motivations about use of alcohol and tobacco in teenagers. The study is supposed to develop insights into the problem and to provide assistance in developing concepts or hypotheses for prospective quantitative research. An advantage of Qualitative Research is it reveals trends and develops a deeper insight of the problem.Questionnaire 1 How many hours you spend watching television everyday? 2 Which one is your most favouriate advertisement of cigarette and alcohol? 3 What admires you the most about this advertisement? 4 Do your parents consume tobacco or alcoh...

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