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Illegal immigrants

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Illegal immigrants

Illegal immigrants

I wrote the introduction and first body paragraph. I want you to write after my first body paragraph if it is possible. And I think my citation is not correct. Illegal immigration is one of contemporary issues that the world faces today. United States of America is having difficult time to control the number of illegal immigrants, along with many other countries in Europe and Asia. Illegal immigrants are increasing constantly. Some people believe that illegal immigrants are lowering the standard of living and taking advantages that are granted to legal residents. However, Illegal immigrants are contributing to American society in a different ways. Since illegal immigrants are doing most of hard laboring jobs and take a huge part in economy, they are very helpful in America society. There are some solutions already being suggested, such as guest worker program. However, we must protect illegal immigrants and provide them more chances to become legal residents, and it is inhuman to forcefully deport illegal immigrants, since they are contributing heavily to American economy The primary alien reason why we need to help and provide illegal immigrants to become legal residents is that illegal immigrants are making positive influences and should be guaranteed a right to live in America. They would say that forcefully deporting illegal immigrants back to their country is inhuman. The article “Targeting Illegal Immigrants for Deportation Is Unfair and Inhumane” by Ann Carr notes “He was guilty of the “crime” of working in the United States without permission, doing work that most Americans won`t do, so that he could support his American wife and child… “But my wife is expecting her baby in a few weeks. How is she going to live if I can`t work to support her?” His face quivers with the anxiety” (1). Many people can believe that it is unfair to deport illegal immigrants who are here to achieve their success. Illegal immigrants decide to live in America for an opportunity because their native country cannot provide to them. Americans know that our ancestors came to America as illegal immigrants, and it will be hypocritical to reject illegal immigrants from the land of freedom. Moreover, for the illegal immigrant mentioned by Carr is shacking because no money for their family means no hope for their life. Many supporters claim deporting illegal immigrants mean destroying one family`s future completely. Thus, it is inhumane and people want American government to figure out some solutions that can help illegal immigrants to settle in America. -Work Cited- Carr, Ann. "Targeting Illegal Immigrants for Deportation Is Unfair and Inhumane." Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center. 2002. Gale. 11 Feb 2009.
Name: Course: Instructor`s Name: Date: Illegal Immigrants Abstract This paper is basically covering the topic Illegal Immigrants and achieves this by discussing the consequences faced by the entire state of America due to illegal immigration. It outlines the challenges faced by residents as well as the immigrants themselves and in addition elaborates on how important with regard to the country`s economy the illegal immigrants are. It also points out with major concern that doing away with illegal immigration is not only a great challenge to United States of America but to a great extent a step to be looked into with much keenness by basing on all aspects of the state`s economy and the society at large. Introduction Illegal immigration is one of modern-day concerns that the planet undergoes today. United States of America in conjunction with many other countries in Asia and Europe is undergoing a tricky moment in time in an attempt to have power over the amount of illegitimate immigrants. Illegal immigrants are growing continuously in great numbers. Various citizens judge that illegitimate immigrants are worsening other legal residents` standards of living and winning benefits meant for and granted to them. On the other hand, illegal immigrants are contributing to American society in a different ways. Since illegal immigrants are doing most of hard laboring jobs and take a huge part in economy, they are very helpful in America societ...

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Illegal immigrants Illegal immigrants
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