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how those two leadership styles are implemented in professional nursing practice.

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how those two leadership styles are implemented in professional nursing practice.

Leadership styles in Professional Nursing

PROFESSIONAL PAPER GUIDELINES TO FOLLOW Topic of Paper: Leadership styles in Professional Nursing Briefly describe two different leadership styles. Using the professional nursing literature, discuss how those two leadership styles are implemented in professional nursing practice. Describe one practice example and explain how one of those leadership styles could enhance or diminish professional nursing practice. Introduction: It should begin with something that will grab the reader`s attention and provide a citation to support your opening sentence (Norwood, 2002). Next, support that opening sentence with discussion or explanation with one or multiple sentences which will make up the body of the introductory paragraph. The last sentence of the introduction should highlight areas to be covered in the paper. Review of Professional Nursing Literature Using professional writing styles and correct citations, discuss the information obtained about the topic from the current professional nursing literature. If research articles are used, do not report the sample method or statistical results. Instead focus on the key strategies suggested by the authors. Must use a minimum of (3) journal articles from the (CINAHL) library data base are required as resources. (Body of paper) The writer systematically provides the discussion, pros and cons, comparisons, or other evidence in the body of the paper to convince or persuade the reader of that the author has good knowledge of the topic. The body should be filled with citations to various sources to support ideas and thoughts. Without citations, the paper becomes an opinion piece and not a scholarly presentation. However, not all citations add credibility to the writing. The resource must be evaluated to assure that it is valid and credible (Hacker, 2009). The body of the paper must have CREATING SUCCESS 3 multiple paragraphs. Every paragraph needs at least three sentences, and every paragraph needs a transition sentence to the next (Norwood, 2002). Use the APA format, sixth edition: margins of one inch on all four sides, font in Times New Romans size 12, double-spaced throughout, references with a 0.5” hanging indent, and use of headings (APA, 2010). Citations provide the reader with a link to the reference page and a way to obtain more detailed information about a point made by the writer. APA has a format for citations and for the reference page (APA, 2010). Your paper must be written in the third person, professionally, and not conversationally. 4 to 6 pages total Conclusion Briefly summarized & drew appropriate conclusions. Title Page Correctly formatted, with running head, page number, and short title in header. Follows APA format for title, name & affiliation Citations Content cited in the text appropriately. At least one quote, but not more than three direct quotes. (REFERENCES) Academic Journal Leadership styles among nurse managers in changing organizations. Lindholm M; Sivberg B; Uden G; Journal of Nursing Management, 2000 Nov; 8 (6): 327-35 (journal article - research, tables/charts) ISSN: 0966-0429 Database: CINAHL Plus with Full Text Aim: The intention in this study was to explore the meaning, exposition and application of nurse managers` leadership styles within the organizational culture of a changing healthcare system. Academic Journal Managers` duty to maintain good workplace communications skills. By: Timmins, Fiona. Nursing Management - UK, Jun2011, Vol. 18 Issue 3, p30-34, 5p Dataase: Consumer Health Complete - EBSCOhost Academic Journal New leaders, new leadership: a transcultural approach. By: Rogers, Anita. Nursing Management - UK, Sep2004, Vol. 11 Issue 5, p16-17, 2p Subjects: GREAT Britain; TRANSCULTURAL nursing; NURSING; LEADERSHIP; NURSING services -- Administration; NURSES / Database: Consumer Health Complete - EBSCOhost Provides information on a transcultural approach to solving problems with leadership in nursing. Qualities and responsibilities demanded of nurses in Great Britain; Status of leadership in nursi... Academic Journal Transformational leadership in health care. Trofino J; Nursing Management, 1995 Aug; 26 (8): 42-9 (journal article) ISSN: 0744-6314 PMID: 7630599 Subjects: Leadership; Management Styles; Health Care Delivery; Nursing Practice /Database: CINAHL Plus One of the most important evolutionary forces in transforming health care is the shift from management to leadership in nursing. The transformational leader will be the catalyst for expanding a h... Academic Journal Transformational leadership in nursing: matching theory to practice. Nursing Management - UK, 2002 Jul-Aug; 9 (4): 7-11 (journal article) ISSN: 1354-5760 PMID: 12123202 Subjects: Leadership; Nursing Management; Management Theory Database: CINAHL Plus • A study of the perceptions of transformational versus transactional leadership style as an influence on nursing faculty job satisfaction in associate and baccalaureate degree programs in Taiwan. Shieh H; University of Maryland, Baltimore, 1996; Ph.D. (286 p) (doctoral dissertation - research) ISBN: 978-0-591-05504-7 Subjects: Faculty Attitudes; Faculty, Nursing; Job Satisfaction; Management Styles; Deans, Academic Database: CINAHL Plus with Full Text Academic Journal Can an understanding of transactional analysis improve postgraduate clinical supervision? Sivan M; McKimm J; Held S; British Journal of Hospital Medicine (17508460), 2011 Jan; 72 (1): 44-9 (journal article - pictorial) ISSN: 1750-8460 PMID: 21240118 Subjects: Transactional Analysis; Supervisors and Supervision; Interns and Residents Database: CINAHL Plus with Full Text Book Chapter 6: process models.(p. 104-108) Bayliss J; In: Clinical Supervision in Palliative Care.; Quay Books Mark Allen Group, 2006. 93-113 (book chapter - case study, pictorial) ISBN: 978-1-85642-291-7 Subjects: Clinical Supervision; Models, Theoretical Database: CINAHL Plus with Full Text Database: CINAHL Plus with Full Text Database: Consumer Health Complete - EBSCOhost Dissertation/ Thesis The relationship between transformational and transactional leadership behaviors of nursing managers and job satisfaction and organizational commitment among hospital nursing staff. Adadevoh EK; Nova Southeastern University, 2003; D.B.A. (131 p) (doctoral dissertation - research) ISBN: 0-542-27988-6 / Database: CINAHL Plus with Full Text Academic Journal Transformational and transactional leadership styles: an empirical investigation of Rogers` principle of integrality... dissertation abstract, Teachers` College Columbia University 1994.Kilkier MJ; Rogerian Nursing Science News, 1994 Fall; 7 (2): 1 (journal article - abstract, research) ISSN: 1050-9089 Subjects: Rogers Science of Unitary Human Beings; Faculty, Nursing; Leadership; Theory Database: CINAHL Plus with Full Text
Running head: Leadership styles in Professional Nursing Name: University: Course: Tutor: Date: Leadership styles in Professional Nursing A leader is a person who takes responsibility of initiating and directing others towards a given target or even goals. Leadership on its own is believed to be a personality that not everyone possesses. In the nursing profession, there is numerous leadership styles applied on a normal running environment. These styles can either enhance or even diminish the standards of practice of a leader in the profession. A nursing leader should be a person who is able to coordinate others and work for the best management of the patients. There are a number of leadership styles which a nursing leader may employ (Lindholm, Sivberg & Uden, 2000). This may include the following styles: democratic, authoritarian and laissez-faire amongst others. In this essay, I will embark on democratic and authoritarian leadership skills as employed in nursing profession. Let`s start by discussing democratic leadership style. This is well known as a very open, straightforward and transparent style of managing a team. Ideas, suggestions and opinions move freely amongst the team and are discussed transparently. Everyone in the team is treated equally and discussions are freely flowing amongst the entire team. This style is most relevant in a dynamic setting where old ideas are phased off rapidly (Timmins, 2001). This is healthy to the survival of the te...

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how those two leadership styles are implemented in professional nursing practice. how those two leadership styles are implemented in professional nursing practice.
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