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How did Government Deregulation in the U.S.

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How did Government Deregulation in the U.S.

How did Government Deregulation in the U.S.

I need a 30 page research paper on "How did government Deregulation in the United States financial Market contribute to the economic downturn of the U.S. from (2008-2012)" you can also make reference to the great depression and add in how lessons from that could have been learn to aviod the economic downturn. also talk about the effect it had on the housing Market and how it effected securitization of Mortgage loans. I will be submitting instructions for a research report to include the complete bibliography maybe tomorrow. I will need the research report in 7 days as oppose to the paper that is needed in 10 days. I will place a seperate order for the research report due in 7 days and request you for it to be sent to you for completion.I am not sure how many pages it will need to be, i`m told just enough to explain the sources. If you have any further questions you can reach me by my email.
NameUniversityCourse TutorDateContribution of Government Deregulation in the US Financial Market to the Economic Downturn of 2008 to 2012Executive SummaryThe purpose of this paper is to determine the contribution of the government deregulation of the US market to the economic downturn of 2008 to 2012. It reviews the Great Depression and provide some of the lessons that regulatory bodies and agencies would have learnt from the Great Depression and avoid future financial crisis. It also looks at different forms of deregulation that have taken place over the past years since the depression and how these deregulations contributed to the financial and economic crisis in the United States between 2007 and 2009. The paper also looks at roles the increasing deregulation within the US had played in the financial and economic meltdown. Under this section the paper looks at some of the deregulatory measures that were by the United States that eventually contributed to the financial crisis. It then look at the effects that the deregulation had on economic sectors such as housing markets and securitization.1.0 IntroductionThe 2008 to 2012 economic downturn has been blamed on very many factors. Deregulation has been promoted by the republicans since the 1980s has been blamed for the economic meltdown which has experienced since 2008. It has not been clear whether it is only deregulation of the financial markets to blame for the financial crisis that many countries underwent across the global. Some of the rules which are being enacted tend to favor the independence of the financial firms. Despite the fact that it is almost impossible to determine the exact cause of a financial crisis or economic meltdown, there are some of the common causes of many financial crisis that have been experienced in the past. Some of the factors are deregulation of financial markets, sophisticated financial innovations, excessive executive compensation, low interest rates, subprime loans for the mortgages and speculation.Efficient markets are vitally important in both economic theory and the real economy (Prentis 23). The efficiency of the market depends on the state and the market. Market efficiency is based on three principles or tenets. One of the tenets is that markets are in equilibrium and unexpected events that cause disequilibrium are only temporary since market is able to self-equilibrate (Prentis 24). The other tenet of market efficiency is that stock prices full reflect all the available information (Prentis 24). It also says that asset prices reflect the intrinsic value of the asset and this makes prices to be accurate signal for making capital allocation. However, this assumption has been faulted by some behavioral economists. The third assumption is that market prices move randomly without any prior price changes (Prentis 24). This implies that investors can earn higher returns than the stock market when there is lower risk. However, the empirical studies prove this as...

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How did Government Deregulation in the U.S. How did Government Deregulation in the U.S.
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