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Sources have to come from 3 books, not allowed to get any from the internet. The topic is how boys and girls play differently resulting in how they are expected to act in kindergarden. They are suppose to act the same when really they just can not. Needs a work cited page.
Name:Instructor:Institution:Subject:Date:HOW BOYS AND GIRLS ACT DIFFERENTLY There is a problem with the widespread opinion that all children are the same and should be treated similarly, be they boys or girls. And one of the places where one would find this notion most promoted is in the school system, beginning right from the Kindergarten. Teachers say that their reason of treating all the children the same is done in the effort of promoting gender equity. While this may be a well meaning notion, the opinion is somewhat misplaced. To begin with, children are diverse in terms of background, ability and interests and this means that they have different learning issues. And to treat both boys and girls the same would mean that some of these children will be better placed in the learning process than others ( Skelton 425-438). It is obvious that boys are better placed for some mild manual activities that girls would feel bothered by, and to give them the same means emotional and physical burdens that are detrimental to the learning process. Teachers of children may also have certain gender biases, and even though at times unconscious, they may willfully be ignoring the one they have towards themselves, their schools, and inevitably their students. The risk is that the gender biases could seep into the classrooms and extend what has been picked up from cultural norms ( Brody 231). There is a question of different preferences for both boys and girls when it comes to play toys. In the event that a girls parent buys toys that are labeled gender neutral, such as baby dolls, tractors and trains, the girl may always reach out for the dressed-up dollies whereas a boy may go after the trains. This shows the difference that is inherent between boys and girls, despite how young they are. And this difference is as a result of the hormones that the child was exposed to while still in the uterus ( Skelton 425-438). This could also be demonstrated by the fact that boys will show more disinterest in people and their faces as opposed to girls and consequently girls play with dolls which have faces while boys will tend more towards the trucks and trains. Girls are equally more bubbly than boys, in the sense that they talk more than boys hence their preference for Cinderella pretend plays and even games that are make-believe. The other most noticeable difference is that while boys prefer to be a part of a group girls will be more intimately attached in a one-on-one with other kids. Reynold explains that boys are naturally muscular, meaning they are born this way, and for this reason they become more active in things that require physical action that girls do. Anything that take s advantage of the boys` mechanical as well as spatial skills make the boys more engaged, and become better at them. And this may include operation of switches in the event of an activity board or even playing with some kinds of blocks ( Brody 231). It is however important to understand ...

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