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[Solved] Home Schooling, Freedom of Expression and Equal Opportunities

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[Solved] Home Schooling, Freedom of Expression and Equal Opportunities

Introduction Education is divided into different perspectives that help in providing quality education to students. For the purpose of providing quality education, there are different features in education that must be considered as it helps them in dealing with the students more effectively and efficiently. In this paper, three different aspect of education that is homeschooling, freedom of expression and equal opportunities are discussed and the ways in which they assist in providing quality education. The role of these towards education is elaborate along with the views of different philosophers. These views are compared and the difference in their opinion related to the three contexts is provided in the paper.

Concept of Home Schooling

It is noticed that homeschooling is a system of education that children can get information or knowledge at home-based from their parents and tutors as well.  Moreover, either the parents must send kids to customary school to study has to turn out to be an extremely arguable matter. However, few people think that their children must go to customary school in order to study whereas most of them disagree with this. It is noted that one of the most rudimentary benefits of homeschooling is learners or parents might custom-designed program by them. Furthermore, the homeschooling learners can mastery over work at their individual level and it might be quite better than at the stage of the arranged program outline. Sometimes, most of the learners are not at the similar stage of every course, they might understand at a greater level as compared to writing and they might be not virtuous at physics but quite interested in math (Zhao & Badzis, 2014).

It is observed that in the traditional community schooling, the finest teacher also cannot care regarding every learner`s level. Nevertheless, homeschooling offers students the actual progress and set up the scholars` actual level of every course to endure them comprehend what they studied was. However, homeschooling learners can move on to another subject or topic anytime as per their easiness. Homeschooling learners can easily manage the pace of their studies that would help them to comprehend difficult tasks in a more appropriate manner (Zhao & Badzis, 2014).

Countries Allow Home Schooling

Some countries allow homeschooling within their country or state in order to facilitate their citizens to get full advantage of the opportunity. Moreover, some of the countries are quite strict in a matter they did not allow any sort of homeschooling within their country in order to improve the quality education in their educational institutions.

It is noticed that the UK law truly makes it remarkably easier to select to home schooling within their countries for facilitating their people. On the other hand, in Germany, the home schooling is unlawful, and most of other countries have severe rules for its control and valuation, but in the UK, the simple necessity is that a child gets “an education”.

However, parents who pick home schooling for their children allude to numerous causes, with the most prevalent being an unaffected certainty that they might provide their child a better schooling at home than they would get at school. Moreover, with the rigorous one-to-one consideration a kid gets from their parents and the opportunity this offers for particular focused on the child’s interests and faults (Waddell, 2010).

Philosophers View on Education

There are different philosophers give their views regarding the education. Some of them are as follows:

According to Plato, anything that brings people closer to the world of thoughts is education. Moreover, Plato`s appearance of a perfect person was that of "an individual who loves knowledge" or a thinker and that of "one who is consistent" that is, an individual whose awareness and body are synchronised, having the four qualities of understanding, courage, soberness, and honesty. The basic goal of education would be to form an idyllic nation, where the thoughts of the virtuous are personified (Carr, 2008).

According to Kant, the prior goal of education is to develop people`s usual assistances in a harmonious method and to promote those who might act spontaneously at the time of subsequent ethical laws. However, the Kant`s vision of education was prejudiced by Rousseau. In addition, Kant declared that education must not target at the modification to any specific society, somewhat, it must aim, more commonly, at the excellence of human race. He also believed that education should be cosmopolitan (Moran, 2009).

Concept of Freedom of Expression

Freedom of expression in education is known as the concept in which each student is given the freedom of belief, thought, expression, and opinion.  The freedom of expression helps in protecting the right of a student to hold any belief or opinion along with the expression of those beliefs by making use of their actions, words .and other means. In the school, the issues related to freedom of expression takes place when a student articulated an opinion, which is in conflict with the educational goals of the school. The issue of freedom of expression also takes birth in the case when a student tries to express the opinion in class, which executes discrimination. Moreover, the freedom of student can be invoked due to efforts of students to affect the content of the course or to express their opinion in an extramural event (Darts, 2008).

Reasons for Importance of Freedom of Expression

Freedom of expression is considered as important in the context of education because it helps in reducing the prevalence of discrimination, cultural pressures, and poverty. It is considered as fundamental to human right, which also assist in supporting other rights and it allows them to flourish. With the help of freedom of expression, the students get the right to speak what is going in their mind. Moreover, it also assists them to interact and communicate with their teacher and student through which they gain confidence. It also helps the teacher in understanding the context or perspective going on in the mind of students due to which they are able to assess the ways in which they can handle (Brettschneider, 2010).

Philosophers Views on Freedom of Expression

Kant worked as the supporter for freedom of expression in education. He focused on the right to education and emphasised on the perspective that freedom of expression would improve the quality of education as the students would become more confident and interested in education. However, the issue that arises with the Kant theory regarding freedom is about concept of transcendental freedom and the doctrine of two characters.  Moreover, he also stated that moral education for students is also important because it would help the schools in dealing with the student effectively. While on the other hand, Mill was concerned about the ways in which individuals and the government can be linked (Zhao & Badzis, 2014).

According to the philosopher Mill, freedom of expression is considered as an inalienable human right, which helps in laying down the foundation for self-government.  In the context of education, this concept is regarded as appropriate in the case it does not pass the boundaries of fair discussion and does not harm the intention and personality of another student.  Furthermore, Rousseau focused on naturalistic education, which focused on providing freedom to the child in relation to education. With the help of this, students are provided with the ability to deal with their personal opinion and expression effectively (Brettschneider, 2010).

Concept of Equal Opportunities

In education, equal opportunities illustrate those same opportunities must be provided by each of the states to the students that attend school. These opportunities must be provided regardless of the race, gender, nationality, and colour. This concept of equal opportunities depicts that school districts must take actions through which barriers for equal participation can be reduced (Brodin, 2010).

Importance of Equal Opportunities

Equal opportunities are considered as an important concept in education because it helps in providing better education. Discrimination reduces the morale and confidence of students due to which they are not able to study effectively in the school premises. This is the reason that equal opportunity is given importance as it helps in reducing the problem of discrimination and all the students are provided with the prospect to achieve good education (Moreau, et al., 2008).

Philosopher Views on Equal Opportunities

There are different philosophers give their views regarding the equal opportunities of people in order to live their life vigorously. Mill’s alleged in gender equality and he might not discharge the ubiquity of partialities that occurred at the time and the significance of traditionalism to gender parts (Solas, 2008). According to Plato in the ideal city, all individuals and a group of people are given equivalent opportunities to be pleased, that is, to follow pleasure, but not at the expenditure of others (Murris, 2008).


It is concluded from the discussion made above that all the three features hold importance in the context of education. Home schooling is considered as advantageous as children can learn in front of their parents. The philosophers have also emphasised on this aspect as they highlighted that home schooling is ethical. On the other hand, freedom of expression is another educational element that must be present in school because it helps students in expressing their opinion and views in front of everyone. Further, the third prospect that is equal opportunities is also regarded as important because it helps in providing quality education without discrimination. 


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