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Historical Evolution of Ethics in Organization and Management

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Historical Evolution of Ethics in Organization and Management

Historical Evolution of Ethics in Organization and Management

This paper is a detailed paper where a lot of the focus will also be on the writting portion. The MEAL plan is something that will be looked for as well. MEAL (Main Idea, Evidence, Analize and Link). So each paragraph must have a main idea and then to back up that main idea Evidence must be provided which will be in Peer Reviewed Resources (ONLY Peer reviewed resources can be used as references for this paper) and then the Link to one paragraph to the next for a paper that has a good flow. This is a research paper to answer this question: DISCUSS THE HISTORICAL EVOLUTION OF ORGANIZATION AND MANAGEMENT THEORY THROUGH TODAY. Please use only Peer Reviewed Journal articles that are ten years old or newer as they want to make sure the references are also current research to back up your main ideas and therory for this question. Analizing this question at the higer levels of Bloom Taxonomy is also the other part besides the writtign portion tha tthis paper will be reveiwed on so it needs to be written at the higher levels of thinking. I feel this is a tough paper so why I need the help. Please let me know if there are any questions. Thanks
Running head: ORGANIZATION AND MANAGEMENTHistorical Evolution of Ethics in Organization and ManagementName:University:Course:Tutor:Date:Historical Evolution of Ethics in Organization and ManagementThe current competitive world requires application of ethical considerations in organization and management. Organizations through proper managerial skills have the capacity to survive in a competitive environment (Mau, 2001). The man issue under consideration in this paper is thus to discuss the historical evolution of organization and management theory through today. Understanding the meaning of management is an important consideration in discussion about the various aspects concerned with ethical considerations. Management in respect to business and organization activities refers to the concept of organizing people through application of various leadership qualities to accomplish a particular goal in an efficient and effective manner (Vosburgh, 2007). There are various attributes concerned with management such as planning, leading, organizing, controlling, staffing, and directing. One major considerable aspect about management is its relationship with organization. In this case, organization refers to systems in which managerial practices are conducted in order to achieve set goals. In this context then, management is defined as human action which is deployed in an organization in form of human resource to enhance production of specific outcome within a system.Management is considered to be a science through specific models such as planning, controlling, and organizing functions. In another context, management qualifies to be an art in respect to various practices which influences the function of management. There are major considerable influencing functions of management based on knowledge in respect to psychology, culture, organization theory and sociology. The historical aspect of management and organization theory was viewed from scientific and engineering perspectives (Mau, 2001). The four management and organization theory include scientific management, human relations movement, administrations and bureaucracy theories.SCIENTIFIC MANAGEMENT THEORYThe scientific management theory by Fredrick Taylor focused on what managers are supposed to do in order to perform their duties in an effective and efficient manner. The theory was developed during the period of industrial revolution whereby Taylor applied science as a means of solving injustices and inefficiencies of that particular time. The scientific management theory was an era of modern management in late 19th and early 20th centuries (Darling, 2004). Fredrick developed a new system of scientific management from the old system of personal management. In the old system of personal management, a brilliant person known as captain was expected to take over the affairs of an organization. After thorough research, Taylor emerged with a new scientific model which was believed to have the capacity o...

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Historical Evolution of Ethics in Organization and Management Historical Evolution of Ethics in Organization and Management
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