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High School Curriculum: Arguments for Against Death Penalty

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High School Curriculum: Arguments for Against Death Penalty

High School Curriculum: Arguments for Against Death Penalty


The Thesis is actually :
The death penalty is highly feared by many and is the worst punishment given to criminals that have committed the worst of crimes but it can be argued that it does not deter crime as much as we would think.
IT should NOT be in alphabetical order. Rather, it should be presented in order of the outline of your paper. In other words, think about the different categories and/or sub topics that will be included in your paper. Then, be sure to place the applicable references and the explanation of how it will be used (the annotation) in the paper directly under those categories/sub-topics. This will help you to further develop your paper and ensure that you have enough literature to adequately cover each of the sub-categories within your paper on the topic you wish to cover. Make sense?
My thesis statement is : The death penalty has been around for a very long time to punish those who commit horrendous crimes but based off of statistics and other data does it really have any deterrence to crimes that are committed?
Your paper will need content supported by peer reviewed, scholarly articles and scholarly studies that you find in the University Online Library data bases. Data bases such as Pro Quest, SAGE, and Ebsco Host. Pro Quest and SAGE are my favorites. Also, the peer reviewed scholarly articles researched and cited in your paper must have been published within the past five (5) years. You will need approximately 15-20 peer reviewed articles to support your thesis. 
You may NOT use any material from News Papers, blogs or articles published on a web site like policeone.com, etc. You also may NOT use information obtained from news outlets such as CNN, Fox, NBC, CBS or ABC, etc. 


EFFECTIVENESS OF DEATH SENTENCE Student Name: Institution: Topic: Date; Introduction Decision making on death penalty cases by the jury poses a great challenge uniquely found in the typical criminal case. Jury selections in death cases are also questioned in regards to their view on the appropriate capital punishment for the purpose of discovering whether they have the ability to adhere to the law in deciding death cases or not. Part of the qualifications of the Jury is that, they should be ready and willing to put into consideration all the sentence options which might be attached to death sentence or life imprisonment without any parole. With this paper, I will elaborate how capital punishment can be eliminated in order to convict a suspect without the beloved relatives of the suspect undergoing unethical, physiological torture of an impending death sentence. The significant number of reasons why the death penalty is unfavorable, why the infamous capital punishment will always be a controversial issue and the number of reasons called for it to be outlawed. Annotated Bibliography Carrington, Frank. Neither Cruel nor Unusual. Crown Publishing, 1978. In this book, the writer indicates that capital punishment is ineffective in planning to deter crime .This is contrary to the fact that its use is consonant with the morality of human race. The author goes ahead to describe in his book has provided a number of facts that counter the issue ...


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High School Curriculum: Arguments for Against Death Penalty High School Curriculum: Arguments for Against Death Penalty
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