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Health Care - The Hospital Sector (HCM300 Portfolio)

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Health Care - The Hospital Sector (HCM300 Portfolio)

Health Care - The Hospital Sector (HCM300 Portfolio)

HCM300 Portfolio Description Select one sector of health care from the choices listed below. This may be a sector in which you have an interest, one in which you work currently, or wish to work in in the future. • Hospital • Long-term Care • Ambulatory Care • Public/Government Health Care • Physician Practice • Medical Education With your sector chosen, use articles and other resources available in the CSU-Global Library, Web-based resources that are judiciously selected, and other credible sources to conduct research on your chosen sector. Cite and discuss at least seven outside sources. Present the results of your research and analysis of the sector in a CSU-Global APA style research paper that includes the following elements: • Write an introduction that summarizes your research question(s) and the point of your essay. • Describe of the sector`s historical development and current role in health care delivery • Identify and analyze major challenges that the sector faced prior to passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act • Identify and analyze challenges the sector is likely to face in the future, given passage of the health care reform law and associated regulations (which, in some cases, are still being written). • Analyze the possible benefits and risks for your selected sector that are associated with health care reform. With respect to the sector that is the focus of your research, include discussion of the implications of your findings for the three overriding issues in health care today—cost, quality, and access. Your paper should be 10-12 pages in length and formatted according to CSU-Global APA guidelines. In addition to a Title Page and a References Page, the research paper should include the following sections: • Introduction • Historical Development and Current State of Health Care Delivery • Challenges and Issues Prior to Health Care Reform • Sector Specific Challenges • Potential Risks and Benefits • Conclusion
Health CareKelly SheltonHCM-30012/12/12Health Care - The Hospital SectorIntroduction The chosen sector with regard to health care is the Hospital Sector. This paper covers the historical development of the hospital sector and the role it plays in health care delivery. Moreover, it also covers the main challenges the Hospital sector encountered before the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) was enacted, and the potential challenges it is likely to face after the passage of the health care reform law as well as associated regulations. Moreover, the paper also analyzes the potential risks and benefits of the health reform law with regard to the hospital sector, and covers the current overriding issues in health care for instance, access, cost and quality. Therefore, the research question to be answered is: What were the challenges encountered by the hospital sector before the enactment of PPACA, and what potential challenges/risks and benefits the sector faces after the passage of the law? Hospital Sector`s Historical Development and Current Role in Health Care Delivery According to Wallis (2010), hospitals in the United States account for more than one-third or $715.4 billion of the country`s expenditures on health care, and the Hospital sector employ nearly 4.7 million people. This sector started in the pre-industrial societies whereby, hospitals were operated simply as charitable and religious institutions. Wallis (2010) added that before the end of the 19th century, the goals of the hospitals included taking care of, and housing the sick people who were poor, insane or homeless. Towards the end of the 19th century however, hospitals began to redefine themselves as medical science institutions rather than institutions of social welfare. At this time also, hospitals began to employ health care professionals rather than charity workers. The hospital sector has since transformed into the current sophisticated health facilities mostly due to advances in m...

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Health Care - The Hospital Sector (HCM300 Portfolio) Health Care - The Hospital Sector (HCM300 Portfolio)
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