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Health care Capstone Project

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Health care Capstone Project

Health care Capstone Project

Greetings, I am student and my major is Heath Administration. One of my course that I am taking now is Administrative Issues. Actually, I have Project in this course which is working on the project. this project consists of writing a grant for the Care and Concern Free Health Clinic in Pittston, PA. I met with clinic`s director and we decided it would be best to write a grant that would attempt to cover the costs of diagnostic services that the clinic pays for out of pocket. The total in 2011 was roughly $21,000 and the grant for 2012 would probably need to total close to $25,000 to compensate for a 15% increase in patient volume. It would be a huge help if you could Google or use any other source to locate propose an implantation plan(who will do what when), free health clinics, religious, or medical access in Luzerne or Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania, or on the national scope. explain we use specific master of health administration tools from 6 health Administration courses in this project such as financial data, statistical data, budgeting, health care marketing, health care quality, and the important thing is how to use EVIDENCE-BASED MANAGEMENT IN HEALTHCARE. I will attach the Instructions of Written Report of Health Care Administration Capstone Project and Information about The Care and Concern Free Helth Clinic mission and goal statements. My parts are in the instructions paper highlighted by yellow color.They are 5 main points.Do not forget to write the references that you will use it.
Health care project Student name Student number School name Introduction The report looks at the criteria of mobilizing grants for the increasing diagnostic services in care and concern free health clinic. The estimated cost stands at $ 25,000 for the year 2012. The grant will cover up out of pocket diagnostic service costs being paid out by the clinic. Criteria Grant mobilization for the clinic will take different criteria. The clinic mandate is to provide free health care services to patients. It works closely with health care volunteers and clinic staff from the church, local community, schools, and government hospitals. The project seeks to mobilize grants that will aid in provision of health care services to the patients in line with its objectives. In order to cater for the increasing cost of diagnostic services, the hospital will request for increased funding from its current and new funders. This will be done through sending request letters requesting them to provide for the increased budget and call workshops with current volunteers to explain the need for the increased funding. The clinic intends to reach out to new funders, from both public and private entities to boost the financial capabilities of the clinic. Interview with the clinic staff and administrators will give a guide on the requirement of the clinic, financial position, and ability to perform. Combining this information with health administration theories will give basic foundation for...

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Health care Capstone Project Health care Capstone Project
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