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Harmful Chemicals in Cosmetics

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Harmful Chemicals in Cosmetics

Harmful Chemicals in Cosmetics

Harmful Chemicals in Cosmetics 1.Introduction A.lipstick B.nailpolish C.bath products D.fragrance 2.body A.lipstick 1.lead is found a.causes brain and kidney damage b.can harm the central nervous system B.nailpolish 1.diputyl phthalate a. Harmful to the reproductive system 2.formaldehyde a. Harmful to the reproductive system 3.toluene a. Harm being done to reproductive system C.Bath products 1. 1-4 dioxane a. Cancer causing 2. Formaldehyde b. cancer causing D. Fragrance 1.phthalates a. Reproductive disruption 2.synthetic musk a. Reproductive disruption 3.neurotoxins a. Affect the brain 3.conclusion A. Lipstick B. nail polish C. Bath products D. Fragrance
Harmful Chemicals in CosmeticsStudent:Professor:Course title:Date:Harmful Chemicals in CosmeticsWhen it comes to cosmetics, the effects of the ingredients contained by the beauty products can be more than just skin-deep. This is chiefly because the cosmetics industry uses numerous synthetic chemicals in its products and in everything ranging from lipstick and nail polish to bath products and fragrance, and these chemicals may be hazardous to one`s health. A vast majority of these synthetic chemicals are also applied in industrial manufacturing processes to grease gears, stabilize pesticides and clean industrial equipment (Malkan, 2007). In this paper, the harmful chemicals contained in lipstick, nail polish, bath products and fragrance are discussed comprehensively. Their effects on human health are also discussed. LipstickDeacon (2010) stated that nearly 61 percent of lipsticks contain lead and the brands with the highest levels of this substance include Revlon, L`Oreal, Cover Girl and Christian Dior. Lead compound builds up in the body with time, and lipsticks that contain lead and are applied a number of times a day, daily, could add up to substantial levels. Exposure to lead is toxic and causes brain damage, and may harm the central nervous system. It is particularly damaging to the cognitive development, growth as well as reproductive systems of children. Lead, a heavy metal, is a neurotoxin that may cause language; behavioral and learning problems for instance reduced IQ, lowered school performance as well as increased aggression. Deacon (2010) reported that young children and pregnant women are especially vulnerable to lead exposure since lead easily crosses the placenta then enters the fetal brain from where it hinders normal development. Lead is also linked is also linked/connected to miscarriage, reduced fertility in both women and men, menstrual irregularities, hormonal changes as well as delays in the commencement of puberty. After long exposure to lead, it causes damage to the kidneys (Deacon, 2010). Lead in lipstick is an avoidable and an unnecessary problem. There is urgent need for action to be taken in order to protect consumers from lipsticks that contain lead contaminant. Nail Polish Many nail polishes used today contain three major damaging chemicals: toluene, dibutyl phthalate and formaldehyde (Malkan, 2007). Toluene is a solvent and also found in gasoline, and is the chemical contributing to that distinct nail polish smell. When inhaled, it causes short-term intoxication and dizziness, headaches, confusion and even affects the central nervous system. It is a volatile element that can be easily absorbed and inhaled through the nails and skin. Dibutyl phthalate (DBP) is a likely trigger of asthma attacks. In addition, it is also linked to reproductive and developmental effects, as well as cancer. Malkan (2007) added that this chemical has been found to drastically affect the male reproductive system. DBP is also linked to low ...

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Harmful Chemicals in Cosmetics Harmful Chemicals in Cosmetics
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