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Growth of advertising in the internet

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Growth of advertising in the internet

Growth of advertising in the internet

advantages of advertising in the internet compared to other ways of advetising,such as television. The birth of youtube and the way its becoming a tool for businesses to advertise.
NameCourseLecturerDateGrowth of advertising in the internetThe advantages of internet advertising go beyond any other way of advertising through costs, availability, wider consumer markets, and the potential for increased profit margins. The fact is that technology has made it possible since the same technology has made the world to become one. Internet contributes in making the world a single nation as it has become popular to almost every country and even the third world countries. This paper seek to look at the advantages of internet advertising while compared to other ways of advertising and also to have a look at the YouTube birth and they way it becomes a tool for business advertise.As days go by, man is getting surprise of new things due to technology. This has made it possible for potable internet gargets, making it possible for one to have internet in whichever place one is. IPod, Phones, Laptops, are examples of potable gargets that one can have and while with them, one has internet. On the other hand, it has been noted that the internet is the emerging information technology with the trustworthiness of nearness and fastness, thus, it brings globalization in every portion of communication.Communicating via internet is more particular, with efficient interactive plan within the specific users. Different from tradition painting radio and television, Internet has taken a new dimension in advertising which has more advantages. For instance, diverse strategies of communication are done with the helps of social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Orkut. With the help of these sites, they bring more interactive communication with advertising. Social networking sites will become the primary ground for highly targeted marketing and publicity (Michael, 2008)Nowadays, internet has established its dominant pressure on marketing communication industry.Currently, there are more than 45 million active user groups on Facebook and more than 10 million users become fans of pages each day compared to 4 million users in March 2009 Facebook is one of the social networking websites .Users share a variety of information about themselves on their “friends”, including friends at schools. In May 2005, Facebook received $13 million dollars in venture funding.According...

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Growth of advertising in the internet Growth of advertising in the internet
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